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Digital drives success educational project that cameo is aimed at primary school and infants.

“DolceScuola cameo. Educare by doing” was born with the aim of promoting a conscious relationship with food: getting to know it, not wasting it and experimenting, giving the little ones the opportunity to “get their fingers in food”. This year, the project reached over 750 teachers, for a total of 1,250 participating classes and 30,000 children involved from northern to southern Italy, thanks to the digital conversion and identification of the partner platform Digital Education. The regions that recorded the highest number of registrations were Lombardy, Puglia, Piedmont and Campania, testifying to the potential of digital in terms of capillarity. 90% of the participants declared themselves very satisfied with the legend-training path that cameo had suggested.

The Como commitment to the little ones is a road that has lasted for years. In fact, it has been ten years since the company started welcoming schools in its area, but not only, in DolceCasa cameo, the space next to Desenzano del Garda’s headquarters. Over the years, DolceCasa has hosted over 16,000 children who have had the opportunity to participate in fun lessons held by the cameo pastry chefs and to test themselves in making candy by experimenting with the values ​​of collaboration and sharing.

In line with the advancement of digital experience in recent years, to update the teaching experience as well as to respond to the pandemic period, cameo has revived its offer to schools and intervened on channels and content to make them useful to a number of more and more children and teachers, making its play-pedagogical offer hybrid.

“The enthusiasm of thousands of children with their hands in the dough and their faces dirty with flour, who have lived in our DolceCasa for the last ten years, was the spark that made us digitize our project and make it accessible to all schools in Italy. ” . Says Federica Ferrari, cameo’s Executive Manager Corporate Communication. “Sweet School cameo. Educare by doing “is our contribution to bringing back to the training experience through food preparation, relationships such as collaboration and sharing that were sacrificed so severely during the pandemic. “

“The didactic cameo proposal, within the EducazioneDigitale.it platform, has been gradually enriched with multimedia training tools, built together on the basis of the long analogue experience from the events at DolceCasa. The quality and originality of the content, which was made even more captivating thanks to the innovative teaching formats, was especially appreciated by the teachers, who participated in the cameo courses galore “. Declares Tiziano Fazzi, CEO of Civicamente (EducazioneDigitale.it)

In addition to the digital didactic material available to teachers and students, the physical dimension remains an integral part of the project, which as children can experience “live” inside the DolceCasa cameo – which has reopened its doors to visitors since the middle of April present. , which already hosts more than 200 children – and where they have the opportunity to get involved and experience first-hand positive relationships linked to the world of food.

Cameo’s headquarters in Desenzano.


cameo is a food company based in Desenzano del Garda (BS) specializing in cakes, desserts and pizzas. It produces and distributes over 200 products throughout the country. For more than 80 years, with the awareness of the important role that food plays in the lives of consumers, it has united people by offering them the taste of home.

It does so through the products of its most iconic brands, cameo, Paneangeli and Bertolini, with which millions of Italians create the taste of home, not only discovering the pleasure of doing something with their own hands, but also enjoying and sharing them with their Dear. With cameo, creating the taste of a home also means preserving the world as a home worth living in, adopting a long-term strategy, paying attention to saving resources. For its 350 partners, creating a taste of home means working in an inclusive environment that is able to inspire, where they learn to act in an entrepreneurial logic and shape their future.

Info: www.cameo.it

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