2022 school bonus: the complete list

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2022 school bonustoday we will publishlist of key incentives for students, who they are reserved for and how to use them (find the latest news on bonuses, Rem, Rdc and single check. Read all the news about Invalidity and Law 104 on Telegram. Receive the latest updates on bonuses, work on your mobile and personal finance: join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and the Facebook group. Write all your questions on Instagram. Watch the free video guides on bonuses on the Youtube channel. To continue reading the article on your mobile, press «Keep reading»After the picture below).

In the next sections, we will also elaborate in detail 2022 INPS student bonus and the one reserved for neo-eighteen-year-olds born in 2003.


2022 school bonus: Inps scholarship

INPS prepares a special award each year financial scholarships to Italian students.

Discover the page dedicated to all bonuses that are currently active and available.

Audience of recipients it is very large: from primary school students (middle school) to university students, without forgetting the students on second grade colleges (superior) and those of Higher technical institutes (ITS).

2022 school bonus – scholarship Inps caters to children of:

  • workers, employees or pensioners enrolled in the Unitary Management of Credit and Social Services (all civil servants belonging to the former INPDAP management are enrolled in this fund);
  • retired users of the Public Employee Management.

Scholarships for first- and second-grade school and university students (therefore they are excluded for ITS students) are also reserved for children of:

  • enrolled in Magistral Assistance Management;
  • employees of Poste Italiane SpA Group;
  • former IPOS staff;
  • pensioners former employees of the Poste Italiane SpA Group and former employees of the former IPOST.

The application for this 2022 school bonus must be made online via the relevant page on the INPS website. THAT periods where you can present requests vary each year based on the publication of dedicated calls.

At TheWam.net, we explained what bonuses expire in the summer and those that are compatible with RD.

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2022 school bonus for books

Among the 2022 school bonuses, we can not forget those dedicated topurchase of books and school supplies (stationery, diaries …).

Every year, the individual regions, sometimes even the municipalities, prepare ad hoc calls for assignments financial contributions to the most needy families with dependent children of school age.

The objective is encourage education among the economically weaker sections of the population, concretely helping them to purchase materials useful for the proper conduct of the lessons.

These bonuses are typically awarded on one family income and al academic achievement of the student in the year prior to the submission of the application. Some regions have already published the relevant calls:

What we recommend is to periodically check the websites of the regional administrations in your area, especially in the section dedicated to public instructionand whose notices have already been published.

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