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Henry David Thoreau went into the woods too “live with wisdom and depth”, Valtra think about forests as environments that must be treated with due care.

Common inheritance

Few days after the allocation of 2022-2023 funds for the implementation of the national forest strategy last year June 8 Valtra Italia has launched one project to promote his forestry tractors and generally non-agricultural products (not Ag) in Italian territory.

“The forestry segment, in parallel with the agricultural sector, represents an opportunity for us to spread the proper care and management of an important national heritage, as well as to be a business opportunity” he claims Matteo Tarabininational sales manager for Valtra Italia. “For this we will in 2022 expand the market of forestry tractors involving an increasing number of our dealers “.

Resource to be utilized

In Italy, funds are needed for forestry, given that forests occupy 37% of the territory and their annual growth is equal to 74 thousand hectares. So far green capital national var underutilized compared to its potential: we cut between 18 and 37% of forest regrowth, while in Europe it is above 60% on average (Data source: The sun 24 hours).

Valtra T235 Versu forestry tractor demonstration

With the current withdrawals of wood material, we cover 20% of national needs. We are therefore forced to resort to import places us as the fourth importer in the world of quality wood and the first importer of wood for energy purposes. In order to reduce dependence on foreign countries, especially in terms of energy, it is necessary Utilize more and better Italian forests also through the adoption of appropriate machinery.

According to Enrico AllasiaChairman of National Federation of Forest Resources from Confagricoltura, “The opportunities offered by the National Forest Strategy must be exploited to ensure vital management of territories, counteract abandonment internal areas and support ecological conversion and the competitiveness of forestry chains “.

Valtra, king of the forest

Valtra’s vehicles, built at the Suolahti plant (Finland), are equipped with load-sensing hydraulic systems with flow rates of 115, 160 or 200 liters per minute and a cast front lift. The high-efficiency front and rear SCVs are controlled by the SmartTouch armrest. The front lift – integrated in the frame of the T-series models – ensures great stability, does not limit the steering angle and lifts up to 5,200 kilos.

Valtra T235 Versu in action with the Kesla 316T loader

(Photo source: AgroNotizie)

Moreover removable front part of the T-series is suitable for various types of tools and special forestry systems. There hydropneumatic suspension The Aires + front axle guarantees a clearance of 55 centimeters and increases driving comfort by communicating with the suspension in the AutoComfort cab.

Available from the factory on the N-, T- and S-series reverse driving TwinTrac, with 180 degree seat rotation, allows for better handling of rear implements when handling tree trunks and chipping. “On the N and T series are SkyView cabin with large polycarbonate hatch, two extra lights and protective tube, ensures the unique visibility And security during timber loading “ explains Luca Zanettiproduct specialist from Valtra Italy. “The cabin is FOPS and ROPS approved”.

Unlimited possibilities: wishes come true

Valtra tractors are particularly suitable for chipping and logging wood because they are supported by Unlimited solutions factory tested. E.g winter package with fuel filter heater and fixed charger, heated windshield and wiper, but also it HillHold function only to start uphill using the accelerator pedal. Also available protection plate 6 mm steel for the tanks and a 250 liter steel fuel tank, more robust.

Valtra T235 Versu in Unlimited metallic orange color

Valtra T235 Versu in Unlimited metallic orange color

(Photo source: AgroNotizie)

Vehicles can leave Unlimited Studio with special splash guardsconnected to each other with a “vanity panel” to increase the compactness of the back and with forest tires signed by Nokian Tires. Other options offered are metallic orange colorthe wheels and the two-tone charger, the LED lights, the leather interior, the equipment forestry provided by partners Kesla or Jake and adapted to the specific tractor.

“By collaborating with Kesla and Jake, we deliver to customers custom templates based on their requests, designed to offer the best user experience and covered by an unlimited factory warranty “ emphasizes Zanetti. “It only takes a couple of weeks to install the unlimited options”. Currently, Valtra offers in Italy T235 Versu andN175 Active with the crane Kesla 316T able to load 10 quint at maximum elongation. Kesla trailers 124 and 144 are also available.

Growth in the non-Ag and Unlimited segment

Valtra’s 2022 goal is Increase the sale non-Ag tractors (forestry, municipal, airport and defense), equipped with unlimited possibilities throughout Europe.

According to an AGCO survey conducted among dealers in the Eame area, 47% of dealers in Italy sell non-Ag machines and 25% have a team dedicated to the segment. The percentages are much higher among dealers in France, Germany and the Nordic countries. In general, those who sell funds are not present important volumes and has as customers the municipalities (37% of the cases), companies active in forestry (27%) and construction (16%).

With a value of $ 1.1 billion European market no Ag of Valtra counts almost 15 thousand units sold, of which over 3 thousand in France, Germany and 812 in Italy. These quantities also include operating machinery which is not subject to agricultural registration.

“If in 2021 we sold forty non-Ag tractors in Italy, from January to May 2022 we did better: they are already 41 means between forestry tractors and farm machinery delivered, especially in northern Italy, thanks to the excellent work of eight dealers “ let Zanetti know. “The goal is to get to eighty units at the end of the year.

Valtra N175 with Orsi arm for landscaping

Valtra N175 with Orsi arm for landscaping

(Photo source: AgroNotizie)

In Europe, sales volumes are on Unlimited models they went from well over a hundred units in 2013 to around 3 thousand in 2021 and they should rise further. “In Italy, we sold well last year 140 Unlimited machines compared to twelve units in 2018. In 2022, we aim to sell them 208 adds Zanetti.

Valtra is treading new paths

To enter the forestry sector, Valtra Italia is investing in education of the sales network, i search for new customers Are you Consolidation compared to existing. “Since last January, we have been arranging monthly meetings with dealers to share virtuous practices and draw attention to the partners who supply forestry equipment” Zanetti specifies.

In addition, the team is engaged in formalizing business processes with partners and in marketing campaigns aimed at entrepreneurs active in the forestry sector, municipal realities, airport authorities and the military. “Soon we will also participate in exhibitions more specialized, such as Agriacma 2022, Enovitis Extreme 2023, Agrialp 2023, and we will work with influencer of the non-Ag segment “ Zanetti continues.

Thanks to these activities, Valtra, which ended 2021 with 670 registered tractors and a market share of 2.2%, is expected to increase its penetration into the Italian market during 2022. “In April, we achieved a market share of 3.7%” Tarabini finishes. “If deliveries return to normal, by 2022 we should reach 770 registered units and increase revenue by 10 million euros, exceeding 61 million euros”.

Browse the photo gallery of the Valtra event hosted in Appiano Gentile (Co) on June 8, 2022

Valtra event dedicated to forestry and municipal tractors

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