This week’s design gallery is an ode to orange

This year’s nomination for the furniture sector, the Milan design week 2022 it ended a few days ago, and yet, with its spectacular Fuorisalone installations and the news proposed at the fair, it’s as if it were still there, before our eyes. The navel of the world of industrial design and the best theater for pollution between art and fashion, the exhibition that finds order and meaning in the city of Madonnina, is a large lighthouse that acts on the present and the near future of design, as a reliable indicator for trends and prophet for interpretations of living still little explored. To stand out above all else, thanks to the immediacy of the visual perception that beats the most reasoned considerations over time, is therefore a macro trend that has to do with color: the projects that the companies present this year seem to express themselves in unison on a single family of shades, those oforange. Mixing red and yellow, orange hue combines the passion of the first with the positivity of the second, restoring a luminous color that symbolizes energy, light-heartedness and security in a free hymn to joy of life.

Used both in the monochrome declension and in combination with other shades, theorange colors the interior accessories as well as the upholstered furniture, which demonstrates the propensity of large pieces of furniture for unexpected color experiments. Strong and determined, what in ancient times was simply called ‘saffron’, therefore fades, from apricot to rust, to transform the domestic landscape and give everyday places an extra dimension back in relation to what the flat and calm shades of gray do. and beige. And if the warm colors of summer strike the cold tones of winter, this week’s design gallery it can only herald a single trend: ‘orange is the new greige ‘.

Pedrali – Nolita Sofa

Andrea Garuti, styling of Studio Salaris

The outdoor spaces that Pedrali envisions continue to declare their sense of love for colors: among the novelties presented this year, the sofa is designed by CMP design confirms its summery and sunny character. Commemorating the origins of a historic journey started by Mario Pedrali in 1963 with his first metal garden chairs, the Nolita Sofa retains the characteristic features of transparency and lightness typical of the collection, whose comfort is enhanced by the soft cushions. The main character is a tubular steel structure colored (also) in a warm and vibrant orange.

Pierre Frey – Ruban

pierre frey ruban

Courtesy Photo Pierre Frey

Designed by Estudio Persona, the new Ruban collection by Pierre Frey captures the meaning of bonds, interpreting it as a connection between the physical and the emotional state. The small armchair and bench designed by Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young for the French maison interact with each other in a continuous dialogue of lines: a single line actually marks the contours of the seats with a strong and subtle presence, while the movement of the belt is transcribed through folding. Completely covered, the pieces stand out for their very graphic aesthetics and the chosen shades: a pastel blue and a reddish orange.

Cartel – Thierry Set

cartel thierry set

Courtesy Photo Cartel

The chromatic choice of the Thierry collection by Kartell is surprising: “it’s a family of small service tables that get a great personality by virtue of the colors,” the author explains. Piero Lissoni. “In the same table there can be 3, 4 different colors, and they can be gathered in different ways. The beauty of these tables lies in the almost jewel-like approach. Here they are like coffee tables to wear, but they will also perfectly carry a vase with flowers., a book or a cup of coffee “. Among the possible declensions therefore also a soft orange that fades to purple and red.

Unifor – Principles

uniform principles

Delfino Sisto Legnani and Alessandro Saletta DSL Studio

Presented on the occasion of the design week in Milan 2022 by UniFor, a company from the Molteni Group specializing in interior design solutions for the workplace, the new PRINCIPLES collection, developed from a design of the international architectural studio OMA, customs clear at the same time color and modularity. The set of elements consists of more than a hundred pieces and fills any kind of space, be it office, waiting or meeting rooms, assembles and combines linear and circular partition panels, double-layered desks and tables, sofas and upholstered islands. , soft and welcoming in a free and transformative configuration.

The production according to Luca Nichetto

the manufacture according to luca nichetto

DePasquale + Maffini

The conceptual fil rouge of the entire exhibition at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, the solid color chosen to discover the distinctive features of La Manufacture, is a statement of intent. To imagine it as a construction site in transformation and a dynamic creative center, Luca Nichetto resumed the development of the company’s design by choosing a single note of orange, inspired by braces worn by men on construction sites. Repeated in the finish and re-presented in the Kvadrat fabrics, the nuance thus becomes the main character in new editions of furniture and accessories, all exhibited in the spectacular retrospective exhibition.

Foscarini – Tonda

tonda of foscarini

Massimo Gardone

In the new lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini, orange is a subtle detail. Rolled up like a soft ribbon, the metal structure surrounding Tonda is actually tinted with a special mandarin color. “I wanted to design a product between the radical design of the early 70s and Good Design,” explains the designer, “and who, despite the various references, managed to be timeless and out of fashion”. The charm of the project is precisely based on the barycentric balance of the suspension: its state of multi-year stability, given by the central point of attachment of the support, manages to convey a sense of lightness, harmony and simplicity.

Moroso – Square

moroso square

Gianluca Vassallo

“The Square armchair derives its design language from the basic square unit, which forms the chain and the shoot of a fabric. Magnified and abstract, the shape represents the fabric used to make it: the seat is square at the micro and macro level.” Jonathan Olivares the new project designed for Moroso, a padded geometry devised in two sizes – single seats and sofa – especially for offices and public spaces. The seat is designed for collaborative and flexible work areas and stands out for its comfort and flexibility in use.

Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades – Cosmic Table

louis vuitton objects nomads cosmic board

Courtesy photo

Presented by Louis Vuitton in Objets Nomades home collection, Cosmic Table by Raw edges it has a base that is both deceptively simple and ingenious – an organic design that was originally created using only three interlocking pieces of paper. By combining cutting-edge techniques and the company’s traditional savoir-faire, the carbon fiber base is expertly covered with thin colored layers of the house’s leather. “We continued our study of creating complex shapes with just simple flat surfaces,” add designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, “in this case we were fascinated by the idea of ​​no distinction between the inside and the outside of a shape.“. When overcome by its glass top, the Cosmic Table thus becomes a centerpiece of remarkable elegance.

Cantori – Dal


Gianluca Antonietti

Maurizio Manzoni designer Valley for the new Cantori furniture collection, a family of coffee tables with geometric shapes, available in the rectangular and round version, in two heights. Combined with the marble top, also available in wood and smoked glass, an orange-lacquered metal structure. “The new models are certainly more innovative, not so much on the formal level, but because of the presence of metal details,” the designer points out, “elements that come back both on the upholstery and in the furniture.”

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