The first thirty years of the Cassa di Risparmio di Carrara Foundation: “Strategic Axis Culture”

CARRARA – A heartfelt and participatory ceremony for the first 30 years of the Cassa di Risparmio di Carrara Foundation, celebrated in the Representative Hall of the Chamber of Commerce in the presence of regional and local institutions. The President of the Region of Tuscany Eugenio Giani, the Regional Councilor Giacomo Bugliani, the Mayor of Massa Francesco Persiani, the Mayor of Mulazzo Claudio Novoa (representing the municipalities of Lunigiana) and the Mayor of Carrara Francesco De Pasquale greeted. Representatives of the regional and local institutions emphasized the commitment of the Foundation throughout the territory: an activity that has made the body recognized and valued for its commitment even in the most difficult moments, to the point where it has become part of the territorial identity.

On the other hand, this is the role of the funds, which in Tuscany know more than anywhere else how to be an integral part of the social structure rather than the economic of the provinces in which they operate, and which also manage to work as a team, as demonstrated by the latest call from Cesvot “You are here. With young people to start again” which brought resources to five associations also in Massa Carrara with contributions from the region and the Foundation.The intervention of the President of the Modena Foundation and Vice President of Acri , the association of Italian funds and savings banks, Paolo Cavicchioli, recalled the values ​​that govern the work of bank funds, in particular their commitment to social development and their support for the weakest and most marginalized groups, he also recalled some major Acre projects, such as: the Foundation for the South, the Foundation for Combating Children’s Educational Poverty and the brand new Foundation for the Digital Republic, which will commit the Foundations for DKK 350 million over five years with the aim of increasing the skills of the Italian population.

The President of Prometeia, former President of the CrC Foundation, Angelo Tantazzi made an in-depth analysis of the situation of small and medium-sized funds and also developed some innovative proposals to address the financial difficulties that lie ahead. The full professor of private law institutions at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, Giulio Ponzanelli, then stressed the importance of the funds and framed them from a legal and historical point of view. The history of the Funds was presented in four significant phases and connected with the history of democracy, starting from Tocqueville to the present day, in a long excursion, which therefore led to highlight the nature of the Funds, which, although not legally recognized as Third Sector bodies nevertheless represents basic references for the coordination, support and planning of actions.

To do the honors, retell the story of the CrC Foundation, President Enrico Isoppi, which started right from June 15, 1992, when the Cassa di Risparmio di Carrara Foundation took its first steps. An institution that has not stood still over time and some time later, in 2009, the Progetti Srl Foundation also came to life from one of its ribs, an instrumental enterprise aimed at achieving the statutory goals that the CrC Foundation pursues in the relevant sectors with particular reference to art, culture and the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage. “We are increasingly committed to culture – highlighted Isoppi – because that’s what the territory is asking us for. After so many years, the trend that only saw culture as a budgeted item of expenditure has finally been reversed: no, culture is a resource, and it is precious. Every successful cultural event leaves much more in the territory than it requires. ” This was the starting point to also illustrate some of the new projects that have come to light in recent years, even in full Covid emergency: Aronte Way, to discover the history, beauty and nature around the historic center of Carrara, Lungomare da Leggi which started in Marina di Massa this summer, and at the time the flagship of the foundation, the con_vivere festival, which can bring an average of 30,000 visitors to each edition, field over 200 volunteers and create 90 agreements at 20 locations in the historic center, surpassing the quota of 300 guests, including international in 16 editions, have touched on topics of urgent relevance, encouraging reflection and dialogue, and awaiting the seventeenth edition to be held in September. A fund that has invested heavily over time. Just think of the important restoration of Palazzo Binelli, the very headquarters of the Foundation, for 7.7 million euros in 5 years of work from 2006 to 2011, and which today in the heart of Carrara represents an ideal place to spread culture and promote art. A treasure trove of beauty enriched precisely by art and culture, as happened with the recent Jean Gaudaire-Thor exhibition on Napoleon: the artist left in the Palazzo Binelli, as a sign of gratitude, one of his works that will remain permanent. Screen. Exhibition halls, which have already hosted exhibitions at a very high level of painting and sculpture, and which will continue to do so. Support for the territory, which from 1992 to 2021 totaled 33.6 million disbursements for arts, culture, health, environment, education and training, research, volunteering, sport and security, with an increasing number of projects supported: in 2021 74 and in 2022 already at 100 for a total of 775,740 euros. And again the collaboration with Acri, the association of savings banks and foundations, which is getting closer and closer also in the various initiatives such as the Foundation for the Digital Republic. In short, a CrC Foundation that turns 30 years old with the awareness that it has never done so much to be able to give even more and better in a relaunch and development strategy that should see the institution at the center of the elections in the province of Massa-Carrara, from the coast to the precious Lunigiana hinterland.

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