the artist, the football player and their cultural center in Cosenza

The artist and the football player. It could be the title of a song by De Gregori, but he would have torn us up with the imagination.
The couple not so much random is composed by Adele Ceraudo and Franco Florio. She is a performer who has made drawing with Bic and the expressive use of the body a unique stylistic code. He was a former player first at Cosenza, then of Monza and Treviso, and now coach and entrepreneur.
Both from Cosenza, their passion for art brought them together. Together they have created a new space in the city of bruzi: Acthe artist’s gallery and laboratory (unique in the south) with the ambition of also becoming a cultural center and reference point for artists who live, work or travel in the shadow of the helmet.

Works by Adele Ceraudo exhibited in the Ac Gallery

Florio: trainer and collector

Their friendship was born on the basis of beauty. “I fell in love with Adele’s works, they are really powerful,” he says Floriowho recently completed his experience as a coach for Miami United FC.
He is now the assistant coach for Crotone and runs a construction companythat. So in love that he became a collector of the artist who lives and works in Milan.
Some of the “Lady Bic” designs enriched the athlete’s private collection, which has created a gallery-studio in the warehouse of a family building, on corso Umberto, parallel to via Rivocati. “Since I was a child I have loved going to museums and exhibitions, seeing works of art, meeting artists. I have a passion for beautiful things. I like meeting artists and talking about art with them. This allows you to see things from his point of view, and that excites me ».

Adele Ceraudo and Franco Florio

Female bodies and censorship

Adele Ceraudo’s point of view is extremely feminine. Her body is a model of itself and is the matrix on which she composes works with great expressiveness. “The body is the place of memory, of our scars. To me, it is the true mirror of the soul, it says exactly who we are. I believe that the body is not only a temple, but also a kind of history.” So it continues Ceraudo, who was an ambassador for Italian art in Melbourne and has exhibited abroadas well as in Australia, Turkey, Japan and Spain.
At the heart of his art is actually beauty and feminine strength, which lands on various supports from the images (of which Ceraudo is an interpreter), goes through ink drawing and then through digital printing.

A nude by Adele Ceraudo

The subjects are often female reinterpretations of famous works, many from the Renaissance (David o Den Vitruvian woman), also of biblical inspiration (Christ).
Very realistic and powerful bodies, often stumbled into the network of censorship. “In Rome I had to give up an important exhibition due to Christ was not welcome. At an exhibition in Naples, I have censored some works of biblical character, besides Christthat Pìetas. Also censorship of social networks is quite Taliban: I get naked and they constantly block me at the nipples. I always have to put the crosshairs on it. ‘

Ceraudo: art as medicine

“My art is a way of saying that women are strong, that their bodies are sacred,” explains Ceraudo, who uses not only his art as a means of communication, but above all as a therapy.
Drawing was his way of transforming the pain. Abused as a child, bullied at school, she brought drugs into her life. Taking Bic up and becoming an artist was his revenge on life. Adele is in no doubt: «Art has been my medicine». But also an act of self-confidence: “In society, after another relapse, surrounded by a staff of very skilled doctors, I said to myself: I am an artist and I am good.”

Adele Ceraudo in action with her Bic

Trust has fed on the most pop ink available.
The choice of Bic took place a little randomly, a little out of necessity. “I started using it because it was at home. But also because ink has always been my passion, in fact I love comics. And then the Bic pen is extremely versatile: Depending on how you pour it, it creates beautiful and delicate shades or sharp, marked and powerful characters ». Then came the use of photography: “One day I asked one of my photographers, Ivana Russo, to take pictures of me. I liked the idea of ​​drawing a design from a photo, I do not like to have the model alive, I like to be able to see the lashes, the pores of the skin, details that can only be seen with a photograph ». Like this, in 2007, his first collection was born: The soul of the body.

A cultural center for Rivocati

A huge Paolina Borghese stands out in Ac Space in Cosenza with the body of Adele and other famous works of the artist, exhibited in the exhibition hall and can be purchased.
At the back the artist’s workshop with canvases in progress (in July, he will exhibit some unpublished works born during the closure in Palermo).
The center will only open by appointment in June. Later (there is still no set schedule) a number of initiatives will take place there. “Once or twice a month we will arrange events such as book presentations, photo exhibitions,” he explains Floriowho already has something and someone in mind.

The headquarters of Ac

The photographer Francesco Bozzoe.g, Cosenza, who has lived and worked in Australia for 27 years, is completing a photographic book about Cosenza’s historic center. But printing costs are too high, and the independent publisher Coessenza (which recently opened an office in the same district as Rivocati) will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign. We will see.

In the area there is also the artist Andrea Gallo, with his Officina Ovo, art school and independent center for the promotion of visual arts. Not far away The Tucci twins, the Lumpen musicians, run a pub. “We want to network with other artists, we would like Spazio Ac to become a focal point as well.” Always with an eye for the neighborhood, which it also hosts studio for another artist, Luigia Granata and headquarters for Tecne, Costantino Rizzuti’s music studio. “It is a beautiful area that is now considered peripheral, yet very central. My father grew up here, I am very attached to it, “says Florio. The Rivocati district wants to be reborn. Nice that it is also in the name of art and culture.

Simona Negrelli

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