TEDx Barletta on “Cafiero” for school-work exchange

TEDx Barletta, the exchange project between school and work © nc

The students of some classes of Liceo “C. Cafiero” in Barletta, accompanied by volunteers from the TEDx Barletta Association, were the protagonists of an intense journey where they were able to further expand their cultural horizon, develop a solid civic awareness and a feeling of social responsibility to their territory.From February to the end of May, the members of the TEDx Barletta team were engaged every week with the students from 4M and 4N in the PCTO project (switching between school and work) .During the workshops, the students learned to know the activity in the area and the association’s mission: to be a megaphone of “ideas that deserve to be shared”.

“It’s a new starting point for us – explains Elio Enrico Palumbieri, organizer and licensee of TEDxBarletta. We understood that TEDxBarletta can and should aim not only to listen to young people, but also to give them a voice, a safe place to express themselves freely. ”“ Our goal – comments Maria Carla Fiorella, member of the PCTO TEDxBarletta team – was first and foremost to remain silent and give them time to bring forth the volcano of ideas that were ready to explode. We hope to have been reference points for them. “” In addition to teaching, we have also learned – continues Antonio Di Pietro, member of the group. Confrontation is the union between generations is a fantastic laboratory based on communication and thought. “” TEDxBarletta needs valuable ideas – says Maria Luisa Dadduzio, one of the coaches. We believe that the school is now more than ever our breeding ground for giving a voice to the new generations ”.

Thus, there were moments of team building, vision of TEDxBarletta conversations, which were followed by moments of reflection on the questions that some of the speakers brought on stage: Valentina Stinga (agricultural entrepreneur), Valentina Tafuni (human rights activist), Francesco Poroli (illustrator), Pietro Morello (influencer, pianist, performs music therapy projects both in children’s hospitals and in war camps), Chiara Schettino (founder of Conthackto, the first digital challenge platform in Italy for high school students) and Filippo Totani (scientific popularizer) in space and astronautics).

“Listening to others’ experiences through the TEDxBarletta lectures helped us discover what we want to do when we grow up,” comments Aurora Napoletano, a student at 4M. The subtitle workshop has given us technical skills that will be useful tomorrow. The project formed us. So when I think of TEDxBarletta, the word future comes to mind ”.

At the end of the first part of the project, the mini-event: “Genera (Z) ion” took place in the Cafiero auditorium, where the students brought two lectures conceived and written by themselves, which will soon be visible. on TEDxBarletta’s website and Youtube channel.

“We hope that” Next Generation “can continue to see in TEDxBarletta a compass that can guide them in the future as well – explains Viviana Rondinone, from the PCTO TEDxBarletta team.” The experience with the group surprised me positively – says Giulia Sansonne, a 4N students. I was thrown into a reality made up of new but at the same time familiar faces working together so that today’s young people can add value to their future. The empathy of our “guides” has made it possible to balance the weight of the choices made every day, without taking anything for granted, especially the power of one’s voice. “” In the end, in many ways – concludes Maria Giuseppina Bollino, coordinator of the PCTO TEDxBarletta team – even the kids formed us: meet them, listen to their stories, see their ideas take shape, look at the world from their point of view. It was an experience of great value, which we can not wait to resume on the occasion of the new school year ”.

The TEDxBarletta team thanks the students who participated in the project together with the school tutors: Prof. Ssa Arbore, Prof. D’Ascanio and the PCTO Management and Coordination representative of Liceo Statale C. Cafiero, Prof. Di Bari Team members are ready to take on the challenge again next year.

What is TED?

TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is a series of conferences organized by the Sapling Foundation, a private non-profit American organization, born in 1984 in the United States, in Silicon Valley.

What is TEDx?

TEDx is a program launched by TED, where “x” stands for an independently organized event, which aims to provide a local experience similar to the one experienced by attending a TED conference. At TEDx events, live presentations, artistic performances and video projections from TED Talks are combined to stimulate dialogue between the participants and increase the community. TED conferences provide the general guiding model for organizing TEDx events, but TEDx, including TEDxBarletta, is made independently.

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