Steelrising | Proven – The French Revolution between vending machines and influences from Bloodborne

A few days ago we had the chance to try Steelrisingthe new action-rpg under development at Spiders (already writers of the good Greedamong other).

action, role play
Expiration date:
September 8, 2022

The project had not aroused little curiosity since the presentation for several reasons: First and foremost because it is a title that has a clear influence from Blood-bornesecondly why its narrative premise is something very captivating and different than usual.

Those who know the modus operandi of the Spiders know well how much the story and its possible ramifications are important in the context of the game, while from the gameplay point of view, there has long been a wait for the definitive step forward that could have come just by the occasion. of this particular new title staging one non-trivial ucronia with a clockpunk cut.

Steelrising, the story

Steelrising tells a story that takes place in an alternative version of the French Revolution, around 1789 and shortly before the storm of the Bastille. The revolutionary uprisings, however, were suppressed by corrupt machines acting violentlyshed the blood of the citizens of the street.

Paris erupts in horror, and while the rebels continue to protest against the insane anger of King Louis XVI, who has no intention of stopping the gruesome actions of robots, his trusted engineer, Eugène de Vaucanson, opposes the use of machines violently.

When the engineer is imprisoned, his smartest creation is confiscated from him. This is Aegis, originally created to entertain the king thanks to her incredible human-like movements and hardly connected to a vending machine. However, the king sees in it a potential war machine and modifies it, mounts blades, small cannons and weapons and assigns it as a protection unit for the queen.

The vending machine gradually begins to gain its own independence, and from the moment, in its shoes, the player will have to control it and make important decisionswhich can change the course of history.

Steelrisingfrom what we’ve seen so far, it has all the potential to make your own storytelling ingenious. During the game we will also meet famous historical figures who played a key role during the French Revolution (such as Robespierre, Lavoisier, Lafayette, Marie Antoinette), but who in this case could act in a completely different way than what the history books tell.

About two and a half hours we spent with Steelrising they made us understand that it is an action-rpg (if you love the genre, you will find a wide selection on Amazon) where the chosen choices are important, with the possibility of more dialogues and non-obvious actions.

The Paris depicted here is almost completely devoid of inhabitants, with a typical Gothic representation, very gloomy and with a heavy atmosphere. Given the game context, it is natural that the bestiary is also themed. We have only met each other mechanical resistors, vending machines and well-diversified machines with movements that are not always easy to read. Aegis himself, as the main character, is certainly unique in the video game panorama of characteristics and development opportunities during the adventure.

Consider that too exploration in Steelrising also points in the direction of verticality, with the possibility of being able to use (at a certain time) an effective gripping hook. Moreover – and this is a clear element of metroidvania (you can find more on Amazon) – you are expected to return to areas already explored after getting new upgrades, to cross areas that were previously closed to you.

During the first stages of the game, the level design did not seem particularly complex or daring, but we point out the presence of full From Software-style shortcuts and a whole host of deviations from the main path associated with primary tasks and optional secondary missions.


That combat system from Steelrisingalthough it is presented as very accurate, in our opinion it has small shortcomings associated with the too short times of certain animations that affect the execution of attacks and parries.

If it is true that convulsive, sudden and jerky movements are typical of vending machines, in some situations it is clear that some connecting animations are missing which would have made the clashes more effective and enjoyable (to play and to watch). Not bad, because in truth you get used to the game’s rhythms pretty quickly, which involves an examination of the enemies’ patterns to meet them with greater conviction and therefore have less chance of failing.

The developers explained it to us Steelrising also draws from the spiritual from From Softwareand it is quite clear that inside there are elements that recall the memory especially Blood-borne.

Aegis will be able to dodge sideways to avoid attack, select a main weapon and swap it for example with a firearm which can interrupt the animations and inflict some altered modes such as the instant ice block.

Steelrising’s style is unmistakable.

To hit off Steelrising it is above all the diversity of weapons and approaches: swords, chains, muskets, hammers, claws and discs are just some of the tools of death that we have been able to try, all effective in different ways and to be chosen in relation to the opponent in front of you.

In addition, there are consumables, special potions that change resistance or temporarily improve certain properties, along with grenades and potions. In the latter case, instead of blood vials, we will find oil vials because we remember that Aegis is a machine and as such can also become exhausted if its systems are overloaded.

This is where the endurance bar will be watched, not only when you run or fight, but also when it starts to lose segments if you abuse the protagonist’s skills. For example, you may be left helpless in front of the enemy, needing to press a button to reactivate the machine quickly.

In all circumstances, at the beginning of the game you will be able to choose between four different classes, but that does not stop you from hybridizing them during the race with the use of various accessories. It should also be added that Aegis will be able to install special modules that will allow her to apply buffs or passive skills, while when you reach what is equivalent to the classic bonfires, you can put your hand to the statistics for to increase them as you like.

Beware of changing states and the weaknesses of the enemy.

Here, too, it will be necessary to pay attention to the soul essences, which are the experience points that are useful for making level rises. With death they will be lost, therefore it will be necessary to use them wisely every time.

Aegis’ six characteristics control the style of play, and although none of these are of little use, it is clear how favoring some over others will clearly affect the protagonist’s characteristics, resistances, and ways of approaching the game. If you are not used to high game difficulties (but we assure you, based on what we have tried so far Steelrising is quite affordable), the help mode will come to your rescue.

This mode can be activated at any time of the game and facilitates the game a lot. We will only assess how controversial the choice may be when we have the last game in our hands, but know that activating the assist mode will make every match a breeze, even the most difficult on paper.

Besides the, Steelrising it seemed to us a fairly solid project that could arouse our curiosity and with some very good ideas that help distinguish it from other titles of the same genre.

Currently, the only real doubt about Steelrising is related to the technical sector, still not very convincing and at times lame. If we consider that it is only a title for PC and next generation consoles, the graphic details do not seem to demonstrate it so clearly. In addition, we have on several occasions noticed errors and visual errors, some even quite bizarre. Finally, we need to improve the optimization and stability of the frame rate, a bit of a dancer and inconsistent – and we know how much weight this has during the fights.

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