St. Benedict’s Trail fills the Aniene Valley with music, theater and dance –

Art, theater, a pinch of faith (or curiosity about the mystery) that does not hurt, and a place to take your breath away. Among baroque squares, studios, clearings, remains of Roman villas and medieval fortresses. Here they are, the main ingredients of the third edition of «Portraits on Stage», the first and only multidisciplinary festivalscheduled for next time September 9th. It takes place in Lazio, along the entire territory of Aniene Valley, through a program of meetings, performances, concerts and music, dance and theater performances. The program of the festival, whose artistic direction is entrusted Gloria Sapio And Maurizio Repettoevokes and partially runs through Benedictus vej conceived, just ten years ago, by Simone Frignaniauthor of a guide on the way, now in its third edition, for Terre di mezzo Forlag.

A journey through time a stone’s throw from Rome

Not surprisingly, an offshoot of «Portraits on Stage» is justified “Art on the way” (the other is “Landscapes”red), planned until1 August: “The choice is grafted on the tradition, which sees that the Way combines holiness, history, art and nature, a reason that has made it popular, as well as among pilgrims, among the intellectuals in Grand Tour and the artists who have frequented it for a long time, ”explains Sapio. And these amazing and in some respects unknown places, but only 50 kilometers from Rome (we are talking about villages such as. Subiaco, License, Gerano, Marano Equo, Cerreto Laziale And Anticoli Corrado) are the ideal places to enhance visual art and living art, ready to talk to the people of today. Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th in Cerreto Laziale and Cerano, two villages that are part of the bike section of the Cammino di Benedetto, just over 300 kilometers long and which start from kl. Norcia (birthplace of San Benedetto) and arrives Monte Cassino (where the saint is buried with his twin sister, St. Scholastica).

Stories about robbers and dolls

In Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, in the heart of Cerreto Laziale, Stalker Theater gifts “Dating 2.0”, a series of stories, between facts and people, inspired by the Old Testament. Some of them are certainly very legendary: after all, the achievements of the sixteenth century are just as legendary, Marco Sciarra, which besieged the Roman village. Sciarra was a kind of 16th-century Robin Hood: he stole from the rich to give to the poor. In the siege he certainly saved, and recognized him, Torquato Tassoauthor of Jerusalem is liberated, passing through these parts. The next day, Sunday the 19th, we move to Gerano, the villageInfiorata oldest in Italy and Museum of old tin cansto “Hanging in a thread”a puppet theater (within the section, “The way of the little ones”) built on piazza Sebastiano Conca.

In Malernes Dal

In Benedict’s footsteps, it may happen to come across painters who chose the Aniene Valley with its beautiful villages to give new life to the art of the landscape. Let’s talk about the famous painters Roman schoolwhich developed between the two world wars, and which inspired it “Fighting Roman Sunsets” byAcademy of Fine Arts in Rome andCorelli Musical Institutescheduled for Saturday the 25th from kl. 18 Marano Equoon the piazza del town hall. The last Sunday in June will be dedicated to dolls. But not just any dolls. In Subiaco (“Tenth stage of the road and above all a basic place in San Benedetto, where he arrived at a very young age and immediately created a small community of monks”, explains Simone Frignani, President of the Amici del Camino di San Benedetto the association), at Narzio Theaterstarting at 9 p.m., they will be on stage, too “Doll life”the dolls drawn by Emanuele Luzzati and made of Bruno Cereseto: a tribute to Luzzati on the centenary of his birth.

In Horace’s house

A leap forward, until July 10, to tell about a location that is already an entire program. we are one Licenseinside the Mondi Lucretili Regional Park, in the villa in Horace: «A country house donated to the poet by Satire from Cartridge. It is a huge and very recognizable monument: from the old baths to the waiting room, ”explains Gloria Sapio. And in this villa monument it takes place “Artemisia Gentileschi, Painter – Chronicle of a Rape Case”the show with Elisa Ranucci and produced by Pilar Ternera. But Villa di Orazio will also be the space where it will be decorated, on July 23, “Fall of Troy”edited by Mautateatro: a storyboard by Look at Ceccano inspired by II Book ofAeneid.

His name is Pasquarosa

A step back in time, just a week, to describe another legendary location of the festival: Anticoli Corrado, or the village of painters and models. “There were 64 painting studios here in the early 1900s. And this is where the painters from the Roman school were formed and decided to go and live: yes, precisely in the land of painters and models “, Sapio remembers and presented “Little big man” occasionally Tommaso Lombardo, erected on July 17 in Piazza Santa Vittoria. Recognized artists of Fausto Pirandello, Arturo Martini And Giuseppe Capogrossi they lived for several years in Anticoli Corrado. And someone also decided to get married to one of the village’s beautiful models. Pirandello, for example, was married to Pompilia in April. Some of these models then decided to free themselves and become true icons. How Pasquarosa Berolettimain character in the show “Pasquarosa. Study for a Painter”scheduled for August 1 from kl. 21 on the town hall square in Marano Equowritten and performed by Gloria Sapio along with Maurizio Repetta, artistic director of the festival.

New museums and “old” monasteries

“Portraits on Stage” continues “Landscapes”, between studios and local associations, the second piece of a “secular path: the one that the artists traveled in the eighteenth century on the occasion of the Grand Tour” (adds the artistic director), but which would not have made sense without a basic protagonist in these villages: San Benedetto, whose «Rule» is still an essential reference point for anyone who wants to find the meaning of life even in the daily worries of work. Maybe between visits on Mao (Horatian Archaeological Museum) et al MusAQ, The Licensed Golden Eagle Museum. Discover and rediscover ancient monasteries abandoned for centuries. This is the case with the old Benedictine monastery Santa Maria del Piano, outside the city of Orvinio and restored to its former glory thanks to the first ten years of the Road dedicated to the Father of Europe. But that’s another story.

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