Schools in Milan, 4 out of 10 children do not like canteen food. “We want more lasagna, pizza and ice cream” –

from Giovanna Maria Fagnani

The majority of primary school students promote the meals in Milano Restauration. Criticism: Pasta overcooked or too spicy, scarce portions. The appreciation is rising compared to the 2016 survey, but parents are more critical than children

Food from the school canteen? A small majority of elementary school students like it (usually or a lot). And the approval marks an increase over the same survey conducted in 2016. But four out of ten students reject it: why? 46 percent of those who do not appreciate the canteen do not like how the food is prepared, and define them, according to what is appropriate, overcooked, fredi, salt ... On the other hand, 18 percent are not used to eating certain foods at home and 35 state that they do not like the dishes offered (especially vegetables or fish). Among them, however, they wanted more lasagna, ice cream and in some cases less spices on vegetables (here the complete study).

Evaluations of students and parents

To agree, at the same time, on children’s tastes and a balanced and healthy diet that also includes children’s and their parents’ perceptions. With this goal, the department of technological and digital innovation, the education department of the municipality of Milan and Milano Catering conducted a study on the perceived quality of the school’s canteen service. Thirty-one elementary schools involved, one paragraph per. school, for a total of 3,168 questionnaires administered in November 2021, to which 2,901 children responded, exceeding 90 percent. of answers. At the same time, between December and January, 41,726 questionnaires were sent to parents of kindergarten and primary school students: only 30 percent responded.

The answers to the questionnaire

61 percent of children promote the quality and quantity of food in the school canteen. The cleanliness of the rooms (82 per cent), the variety (70 per cent), the friendliness of the staff distributing the food (85 per cent) were also promoted.. But the boys also point to precise criticisms: overcooked pasta, overly spicy dishes. In the space for suggestions, many suggestions, in writing or drawings: Usually when there is white pasta, I would like there to be less parmesan and I would like spaghetti (or other pasta) with sauce again. I would like you to put less spices (both oil and vinegar) in the carrot dressing or flip them more, writes one student. I wish certain foods, such as carrots, were not too spicy (oil vinegar) sometimes the salt on one side echoes another. It is still: The food is not always good and the amount is small, especially after covid. Carrots and pizza are good. While I do not like polenta and green beans. Till: I would like to eat lasagna more often than before. Ps: could you put the soup with croutons back on the menu?

Menu design

On the other hand, the drawings show carbonara, sushi, orecchiette with turnip tops and then pizzas, hot dogs, donuts. They are not the healthiest foods in the world, but they are enough to make many children happy, writes one of them. The comparison of the perception of service among children with the parents’ perception is interesting – the municipality explains in a press release – if the children on the question ‘In general, do you like the food eaten at school’, answer positively in 61% of cases. primary school parents (respondent sample: 7,763) respond positively in 49% of cases. Among the questions in the questionnaires for the parents, various topics were discussed, including knowledge of the ‘Salvamerenda bag’ project and ‘Frutta a mid morning’ (known by 55.2% and 40.3% of the interviewees, respectively). Over 90 percent of families use the Milano Restauration website. Less well known, however, is the app that will be implemented.

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16 June 2022 (amendment 16 June 2022 | 9.30 pm)

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