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from Maddalena Berbenni

The accident caused by a bioethanol tank that was used to light a fire. The goal was to fry marshmallows. Five children suffered burns

Simonetta Nava, the director, The Mothers of San Zeno Kindergarten, a Osio abovedescribes them as attentive and in love with his children, a few hours after the dramatic accident with bioethanolMay 30 in the yard, during one of the many organized outdoor activities, he would explain to the journalists one thing. In a clear and indisputable way. Fire has never been considered inside the kindergarten, was not authorized, the words spoken in an anxious tone. Now he is silent. After three and a half hours of questioning in front at Silvia Marchinaunderstandably lets his lawyer Emilio Gueli find the most harmless summary possible, because at this point there is also his name on register of suspects: He explained everything and confirmed what he had already stated, in a very calm atmosphere, he cuts off the lawyer while the teacher by his side lowers the mask and draws a friendly expression.

That Nava, in turn, risked being investigated it was predictable, given the formal role of didactic-pedagogical coordinator, therefore in theory responsible for programs and activities. Lo for 19 years, in the structure owned by parish which welcomes 190 children in the nursery and 40 in the nursery. The investigation carried out by Carabinieri in the operating unit of the Treviglio company for negligent damages very serious and dangerous ignitions and explosions.

Five children between the ages of 3 and 6 from the blue ward and three volunteer fathers ended up in the hospital burned by a flame triggered by bioethanol, which one of the same fathers injured, Roberto Tornicelli, 40 years old, from Osio Sopra, he brought from outside and used. The idea was to fry marshmallows like in a campsite, to reward children during the orienteering activity, the path between animals and games used to learn to read cards. But the accelerator, poured on a fire that was already burning and which might not be visible in sunlight, triggered the reaction and flame, pushed against those who were in the direction of the wind, hit especially a girl from the city, who turned 4 that day, and a boy the same age as Osio Sotto. They are both still in the hospital, the small, which is the most serious, at Buzzi in Milan with burns on 70% of the body.

At the time of the accident, Nava was busy in the secretary. left when everything had already happened, to take care of the rescue in the first tense moments. Someone, in between kindergarten staff, did you know about the father’s initiative? Not her, he repeats, as Monica Valsecchi, reference teacher for the Blue Section, and another colleague heard in the prosecution Monday morning had already done. the most important issue to be resolved at this point in time is the point where the versions are going in the opposite direction, because in last week’s interrogation – it is only now emerging – the pope argued the opposite and that those responsible had been informed.

Tornicelli and Valsecchi were the first to be investigated: The man, because he, as he admitted, poured bioethanol, set fire to your lighter and brought all the material (the vial of flammable liquid, the stones used to set up the fire and a pot), the teacher because he was right there when the operation took place, next to the kids sitting on the wooden benches arranged in a circle. She knew of course about the treats and the makeshift grill, but she was convinced, she says, that there would be no ignition, that it would be a kind of play without real fire. He would not have noticed vial of bioethanol, which Tornicelli had with him, which was later found by carabinieri where he was, and kidnapped. IN activity report, written in pen by the teacher and acquired by the prosecution, there are no references to fire, but can it be enough to clean it? On the other hand, even though the father had shared the idea of ​​roasting marshmallows, you need to understand how much he went into detail: one thing to imagine burning a few sticks, another thing to deal with bioethanol.

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