Recruitments from GPS Sostegno 2022, the ministerial decree coming. The latest updates

The Ministry of Education has today convened the unions for briefing on the next ministerial decree to regulate the new extraordinary procedure for recruitment from I-brackets GPS support under Article 5-t of Legislative Decree of 30 December 2021, n. 228.

Like last year, the GPS will actually be affected by the hires for permanent employment according to the “regular” hiring procedures from the Merit and GaE rankings.

What the procedure entails:

  • awarding a fixed-term contract to teachers enrolled in the first volume of the provincial ranking of substitutes for support posts. The fixed-term contract referred to in paragraph 1, is offered exclusively in the province and in the types of positions which the teacher is enrolled in the first band of the GPS for support positions and for which he prepares an application.
  • Completion of the annual basic education course and passing the disciplinary aptitude test
  • Entry into the role with legal effect from 1 September 2022.

This is what the question looks like: applicants express their willingness to participate in the procedure and certify the possession of necessities through an application in the same province where they are registered in the first band of the GPS to the support post electronically viaApplication Online Instances (POLICE) “.

What is stated in the question: the types of positions to which you have the right to participate in the procedure and lpreference order for educational institutions broken down by type of place; it is possible to express the preferences of the office also throughbrief indication of municipalities and districts.

Prior publication of vacancies: USR indicates the number of vacancies at each school, broken down by type of place.

Seat distribution: the offices verify the applications submitted, assign the candidates to the individual educational institutions through an automated procedure inthe order of the specified seat types and expressed preferences, based on the position covered in the first band of support GPS. In case of indication of synthetic preferences, lpreference order of all educational institutionswithin the municipality or district is carried out on the basis of theincreasing alphanumeric order of the mechanographic code.
The results ofidentification is communicated by the local offices to the teachers and schools concerned.

Year of study and entrance examination: graduates suspected and affiliated with the school with a TD contract on 31 August complete the annual basic education and test course (Article 13 of Decree-Law of 13 April 2017, n.59). After the positive evaluation of the road, the teachers take a disciplinary test, which consists of the candidates who reach a eligibility limit, therefore there is noattribution of a score. The test is evaluated by an external commissionservice educational institution. With a positive evaluation of the annual training and test course and a positive assessment of the disciplinary test, the teacher is employed indefinitely, starting from 1 September 2022, which is why he benefits from the legal backdating of the employment to TI.

Disciplinary test: consists of an interview intended to verify in relation to the programs referred to in point A.4 ofAnnex A to the Minister’s Decree of 5 November 2021, No. 325, for the school ofchildhood and primary and in point A.2.1 ofAppendix A to the ministerial decree of 9 November 2021, n. 326, – for primary school, possession and correct exercise, iftexperience gained by the teacher and validated by the positive overcoming ofyears of basic training and testing, of knowledge and skills aimed at an individualized educational planning, which while respecting each student’s rhythms and learning styles and needs identifies, in close collaboration with the other members of the class council, interventions balanced between learning and socialization and full utilization of the skills and potential that the trainee possesses.

Test timing: development ends in July 2023.

Aniefs position

Anief, present at the meeting, reiterated his position on the need to use the GPS for appointments in the role of a regular channel after GaE. The administration’s request for attention to transparency has been repeated with a number of clarifications, in particular regarding the timing of the various procedures – including the preparatory ones such as the publication of the GPS and checking of scores – and to provide appropriate times for the uncertain ones. to submit applications online. For the candidates included in the I GPS Sostegno Band, the hope of a job aimed at permanent recruitment has therefore been confirmed for this year as well, but to know the number of recruitments, the process is still long: after the ordinary role appointment procedures – for which they authorized positions have not yet been formalized – the Administration will have to take into account the ordinary 2020 competitions that may not be published, and then proceed with the recruitment from GPS. As last year, criticisms have already been reported for an employment with a fixed-term contract until 31 August, where the teacher must go through the probationary and training period and, if passed, the additional disciplinary interview that has already been scheduled for the employees last year. same procedure.

The whole process of appointments from GPS should of course be activated after the dissolution of the reservations in the GPS and after the completion of the appointments in the role of ordinary procedures, ie in the month of August, but the Administration has not yet given certain times even to ” – start of the regular recruitment in the role, which will be followed by the recruitment procedures from GPS, not only aimed at the permanent recruitment, but also for temporary staff on 30 June and 31 August.

Anief, present at the meeting with his delegate Chiara Cozzetto, asked the administration to define appropriate times for the completion of the online application for participation in the procedure, a preventive and timely publication of all vacancies before the application is submitted by the applicants and the possibility for also those employed by GPS to participate in the transfer procedures to obtain the final place. The collection of the application for participation aimed at the appointment from GPS according to art. 59, para. 4, Legislative Decree 73/2021 will again be contextual in relation to that for participation in the ordinary substitutes on 30 June and 31 August. Furthermore, clarifications were proposed from Anief with regard to how many, also employed for this year by GPS according to art. 4, has obtained a postponement of the education and the examination process for justified reasons stipulated in the Act to clarify that the repetition of the training and examination period will take place in the same place as has already been assigned to the former replacement directed at employment in the role. In the event of an amalgamation of regions to hold the final disciplinary interview, Anief also asked to immediately specify the possibility – already anticipated for this school year – of conducting the interview externally in online mode.

The location of Flc Cgil

Like Flc Cgil we renew our satisfaction with the expansion of recruitment from GPS 1 support band, a measure that we strongly wanted and for which we fought, for which we therefore had an important victory. The requests to the ministry concern, among other things timeline for applicationswhich was to leave after July 20, that is, after the dissolution of the reserve of students in the sixth cycle of the Tra grant. Relaxed times for the submission of applications on which the Ministry has not yet taken a position. Opportunity for participation for permanent employees, in application of Art. 36 of the CCNL, which has been confirmed. It will also go clarified whether this procedure follows or precedes, as we wish, the speed dialwhich this year is confirmed by current legislation.

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