Pnrr, almost 13 million for public housing in Piedmont –

From word to deed: green light has come to set aside 15% of the money made available by the National Recovery and Resistance Plan for the energy revitalization of public housing, as part of “Safe, green and social: redevelopment of public housing “.

In all therefore throughout Piedmont of 84.5 million set aside according to plan they will come ca. 12.81 million settled immediately which will primarily be used to fund projects. In particular as regards the territorial subdivision, 2.61 million will go to northern Piedmont (out of a total of 17.4), to Central Piedmont 7.15 million (out of a total of 47.4) and to Piedmont South 3.06 million (out of a total of 20.4 million). All the amounts refer to the interventions that the Municipalities and Atc.

The region has now undertaken the financial commitment with simultaneous settlement in favor of each individual implementing body, for each building intervention included in the Regional Plan approved by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility.

This is the payment of the amount raised for financing after assessment of the amounts that the Ministry has transferred to the regional budget, corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the regional plan.

Each building intervention included in the regional plan of interventions entered into for funding in the National Register of State Aid was also registered to meet the provisional administrative requirements.

Once again, the Regional Councilor reminds us that timing is fundamental: failure to meet deadlines in the procedural timetable or failure to provide monitoring systems will lead to the repayment of the loan if legally binding obligations are not assumed. For any information, please contact the offices in via Bertola 34.

There next deadline for the schedule is June 30th for the contracting authority’s transfer of the design of the interventions. The procedures implemented by the funded units for each building intervention will be promptly monitored by the Administration as requested by the Ministry and the Italian Ministry of the Interior, also by requesting direct information to verify compliance with the timing according to procedures defined by the Ministry with Casa Italia department.

“Safe, green and social: redevelopment of public housing” is a very ambitious plan that will, at least to a large extent, address the structural deficits of public housing and will involve almost 2000 lodgings throughout Piedmont (1914, to be exact).

The goal is environmental sustainability: A minimum increase of 2 energy classes is required to achieve a saving of 35% of the average consumption per. housing object for the intervention.

Therefore, the interventions will address energy efficiency, reduction of seismic risk, static verification of buildings and increase in building mass.

The joy of seeing projects become a reality with the allocation of the first tranche of resources – explains LRegional Councilor in the Chiara Caucino House – it pays me for all the efforts that have been made since it was a race against time, which by the way is not over yet ‘. For the Commissioner Plan it is “a fundamental opportunity for ATC and the municipalities to carry out interventions that are expected for years. But once again I want to reiterate that we must not waste a moment, hurry because the rules are strict and even a single day delay in the schedule can compromise funding My offices in via Bertola and my excellent managers and officials are available to resolve any doubts: I urge anyone who has anyone to contact them to avoid “missing a train” that is unlikely to pass another time “.


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