Pella: “Municipalities are key figures in a new culture for the well-being of citizens”

Pella: “Municipalities are key figures in a new culture for the well-being of citizens” | Anci Lombardia


June 16, 2022

“Thanks to this project, we were able to bring ‘sports at home’, in the courtyards of buildings, in condominiums, and try to intervene in the dramatic data on sedentary lifestyles and physical inactivity affecting the EU, especially Italy, As an association, we can only continue our commitment to promoting a culture of health and well-being that starts from cities and from the new way of life of citizens, “said Anci Roberto Pella, Vice President of Sport and Health attended the closing conference of the Erasmus NEXT-Neighborhood Sport project.Get Healthy, Get Closer Promoted by National Uisp.
Pella stressed the important moment in which the conference takes place: “Yesterday, the Chamber approved by a very large majority the Constitutional Act on the Protection of Sport: Once the two more parliamentary readings are completed, we will finally be able to recognize the value of the Constitution. , social and the promotion of the psychophysical well-being of sports activities “.
All this, like the WHO, reminds us that “59% of European adults and almost 1 in 3 children (29% of men and 27% of women) are overweight or obese”. Faced with this situation, according to Pella, “the role of cities and local administrators is strategic for the WHO itself to defeat what is now considered a real disease. Since the 2016 presentation of the Manifesto for Urban Health – he emphasized – Anci has committed to implement an effective strategy that places urban health at the center of strategic planning and inclusive and resilient action that is able to inspire individual and collective behaviors aimed at a better quality of life.We do this with various promotion and dissemination initiatives but above all by focusing on education with the course for Health City Manager, promoted by Anci as part of the project “Youth for Health Cities” and now in the second edition.Only by training new professionals who know how to support all local administrations in that promote a new health culture – he concluded – we will really be able to change our approach to public policies by meeting me the real needs of the communities that we have the honor. to manage “.

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