Opposition: “LTZ becomes permanent, disrupting citizens’ lives. Shops are in danger of closing “

SCARLINO – «Den Ztl in the capital in the summer it has existed since the nineties and has become a welcome custom despite some normal annoyance for residents and tourists, “say the council groups, PensiAmo Scarlino, For Scarlino, Scarlino Sammen.

“If the pros outweigh the cons, like all respectable tourist destinations, Scarlino is also waiting for this summer’s Ztl to enjoy the promenade in Via Roma with a terrace overlooking the sea built a few years ago from which to admire breathtaking sunsets and where children play and entertain cars without danger ».

“It is also expected of the restaurant companies that use the evening closing to set the table outdoors during the coolest hours of the summer”.

“This year was predicted by rumors about the news compared to previous years, but the official schedule and behavior did not come until the day before the institution through a message from the municipality that strictly dictated the rules to be followed,” the opposition continues.

“The essential innovation is that Ztl in the city becomes “permanent”; only residents of the historic center and 167, owners of apartments in the village, tourists passing through accommodation facilities for loading and unloading luggage and holders of badges for the disabled will be able to access. But it does not end there, in the summer from June 10 to September 18 from 6 to 24 only garage owners in the historic center and disabled people can circulate ».

“Already living in a medieval town involves sacrifices that are only partially paid back by the silence of artistic and natural beauties and by the love of one’s origins, but if the relationship between hardship and benefits is too unbalanced on the one hand, let us not complain about depopulation and leaving the village “.

Certain radical changes must take place through coordinationcommunication and reorganization of services, all naturally ignored by the current council, which has brought distortion of life for citizens and tourists down from above with a total lack of tact, ”the note continues.

«Scarlino has a central road, which is a fundamental artery in village life, and which unfortunately does not allow organic extravagances that work in Montalcino or Pienza. Not least before building interventions, such as the establishment of parking lots near the center (reorganization of existing ones with permits for residents), new exit routes, benefits on municipal taxes and building permits for residents ».

“Only later can we decide to implement (by agreement with the citizens) a new traffic plan without creating nuisances that will end up destroying the village”.

“Public offices, the bank and the post office will lose customers with these rules when they arrive at the closure that was previously feared, the same applies to the few remaining stores and businessesto they will lose customers and shut down create additional nuisances for the elderly (now a large majority of the country’s population) and for permanent residents in the winter, ‘the memo continues.

“Finally, the advance of the summer LTZ at 18.00 is quite absurd: at that time the heat does not allow any recreational or commercial activity, which only creates serious inconvenience for those who return from the sea, have to download umbrellas and sunbeds, shopkeepers will lose two working hours in the best afternoon hours, or it will create inconvenience for those who have to bring home elderly or young children ‘.

“Besides, it leaves us confused to know there will no longer be reductions (as was the case in the past) for the use of public areas for commercial activities that want to set up tables and gazebos from the outdoors.. On the one hand, the roads are closed in advance and a Ztl is set up to increase the influx of tourists in the historic center, on the other hand, those who want to use public land are punished without providing any reduction for a long time. term, right at the moment, that commercial activities would have to work harder to recover from the effects of a two-year pandemic ”.

Dear Mayor, once again we are not therein the method and in the profit we only hope that before a revolt of his fellow-citizens he will know how he can go back and perhaps use methods involving the people and the owners of the businesses that live in the country all year round “concludes the councilors.

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