New Canonica Kindergarten, completion of works in February 2023. Mayor makes status

Yesterday (Wednesday, June 15), about 50 Santarcangelo people were present at Street Caffè, at the meeting dedicated to the construction site of the new kindergarten in Canonica.

At the opening of the meeting Mayor Alice Parma briefly explained the changes that took place from the start of the administrative procedure for the construction of the school, in 2017 until now, and then explained that “In every moment of this process, the administration has done everything to carry out the work.”

The mayor then emphasized the choice to carry out the final tender procedure using the most economically advantageous tender method – instead of the maximum discount – and reassured those present about the project’s compliance with applicable rules, also in the light of the views expressed. by the competent bodies.

Massimiliano Mazzotti, general manager of the executive company, Formula Servizion the other hand, emphasized the knowledge of the area characterizing the company, which is based in Forlì, together with the consolidated experience of building schools, from Cesena to Bagno di Romagna, from Rimini to Pesaro.

The architect Alessandro Contavalli, designer of the work and construction manager, he recalled that the kindergarten will have three sections – to accommodate up to 90 children – plus a space available for the village. Conceived in 2017 according to the dictates of bioecological architecture, the building will be mainly made of wood, with a southern exposure to collect more sunlight and a home automation system to regulate the internal brightness using sensors. Thermal insulation and rainwater abstraction complete a sustainable project, which the contractor has further improved with his proposals in the tender.

That technical director of the yard, Mirco Valdifiori, then explained that to further increase the energy performance of the building, a larger number of solar panels will be installed that are capable of increasing energy production from 4 to 22 kW, making it possible to replace the condensing boiler with a heat pump. By completely excluding gas in favor of electricity, both the environmental impact and the cost of supplies will thus decrease with an increase in the energy class from A to A4. Indoor air quality has also been improved thanks to more advanced filters updated to the latest anti-Covid regulations.

After an initial cleaning of the area, the orders for the delivery of the necessary timber for the construction of the structure have already begun, whose installation will begin during the summer after some excavation work and earth arrangement to be completed within a few months. As this is a prefabricated construction, the assembly times are actually relatively short, while the preparation of the materials before arrival at the site is longer.

The administrators and technicians then answered questions from those present regarding the overall timing of the construction site – whose conclusion regarding the construction work is set for February 2023 – on the doubts regarding the increase in material costs and to some details about the project, as well as the temporary transfer to “Peter Pan” school of the children currently attending the intercommunal in Camerano, with confirmation of all the services available so far.

Finally, Mayor Alice Parma announced it the process of opening the pharmacy in the central square of the village, which is also expected for some years, is now at home straight: As soon as the last permits necessary to start the business have been issued, the new business will be able to be put into operation as early as next July. After the first two events, where the total participation of about a hundred people participated, the “See you at the construction site” meetings continue in early July in San Martino dei Mulini and in the Carracci Park.

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