Initiatives for under 35s for calls for culture and sports in the Region

Thousands of young people in attendance. Music, DJ sets, steeet food and many stands to illustrate job opportunities for under 35s Lazio, offers and opportunities in culture and sports. These are the properties of ‘Lazio for Youth – Launch of new opportunities’ an event organized by the Region Laziojust to present to the kids around Lazio calls, new job opportunities and the many cultural and sporting initiatives that the Region has launched and largely funded with European funds.
The event took place, and is still ongoing, in the rooms of Talenthaven in via Ostiense in the presence of the region’s president LazioNicola Zingaretti and the Minister for Youth Policy, Fabiana Dadone.
“Here – commented Zingaretti – I see many opportunities for young people, to do business, music, sports or to travel the world and gain experience with the call ‘I will be back soon’. I do not think there are events in Italy like this: we put together music and entertainment to present the many opportunities offered by the region to young people. Lazio make it available to a new generation. Knowing that the more things that are known, the more successful they are ”.
“We have created many opportunities in the workplace without mediation – Zingaretti added – The success of this evening is given by the fact that if a few years ago at an invitation from the Region, the young people would have responded by throwing tomatoes at us because they picture of the region sucks today instead there are many people and many young people, a beautiful sign.In the next few years there will be tens of thousands of millions coming from the EU.We will lead them to the new generations so they find their own way “to stay here and build a life for oneself. Without kissing your hands or asking the politician on duty for a favor.”
To do this region Lazio presents several tools at today’s event: besides I’m back right away here is the program for example or Vitamin Gthe message that energizes the ideas of the region’s under 35sLazio to offer financial and technical support to youth initiatives in terms of priority challenges for local communities, promoting opportunities and at the same time inclusive participation in economic, social and democratic life.
And again: with ‘Right to study’ Scholarships, university accommodation, free canteen service or discounted rates, contributions to international mobility and diplomas for students enrolled at universities in the region are planned. Lazio and who, while skilled and deserving, are at the same time deprived of funds.
And then here are the projects LAZIOSound, Youth itinerary, Lazio YOUTH CARD e Lazio On a trip – which involved young people from all over the regional territory engaged on several fronts and inclinations who responded to the needs of the new generations as creators and users, but who at the same time involved the whole society.
In terms of economic development, the Region Lazio finally presents in Active calls. Starting with the allocation of 5 million euros to Pre-Seed Plus, an initiative dedicated to high-growth companies, especially young people, operating in high-tech sectors. Three million euros, however, to Start Up DTC Lazio, an initiative to support the birth and development of companies carrying out activities with a high technological and innovative content in the field of cultural heritage technologies and activities. And a grant of 10 million euros to Nel Lazio con Amore, which supports the wedding supply chain of Lazio.

The regions Lazioto address the economic crisis caused by the pandemic emergency, including in the marriage sector, it gives a bonus of 2,000 euros to couples entering into marriage or civil union in Lazioto incur expenses at Lazio companies in the wedding supply chain.
And finally with EUR 70 million was set aside to reduce the competitiveness gap between Italian researchers and researchers from other European countries.
The intervention, which is based on the programming of PR ESF + 2021-2027, aims to provide support that is potentially targeted at all structured and unstructured researchers, including research fellows operating in Lazio. Finally, among the upcoming calls are industrial doctorates.

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