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Immigration and work, between numbers, needs and election campaign“Is the title of the latest episode of High Sustainability, which aired on Radio Radicale on June 13 and hosted by Valeria Manieri and Elis Viettone. Guests: Carla Collicelli (sociologist in welfare and health, associate researcher at Cnr – Cid ethics), Guido Crosetto (entrepreneur and president of Aiad, Federation of Italian companies for Aerospace, Defense and Security), Lia Quartapelle (deputy Democratic Party).

About 500,000 illegal aliens live in Italy, how does politics intend to deal with this problem and also reconcile it with the demographic question and the question of work?

Carla Collicellisociologist in welfare and health, associate researcher at Cnr – Cid Ethics

In his speech, Collicelli outlined the dimensions of the phenomenon, “given the global situation of migratory flows, displaced persons, according to the UN, there are 90 million displaced people in the world and 261 million migrants. Italy fits into this framework with a foreign population that has reached 8.5% of the national population, with 2.5 million employed in the various sectors.The nationalities of origin are many, especially Romania, Albania, China, Morocco and Ukraine, even before the war.Some amnesty processes that we have implemented in the country, have not been effective, even though we are talking about acquiring citizenship, we are still facing an increase far from having built a solid process of integration, recognition and respect for the culture of these people. Africa and drew some conclusions, the first is that we need a real Marshall Plan for Africa, after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine e, which triggered the phenomenon of food supplies, this becomes very urgent. The second concerns support for African states and governments. Who starts from these areas is a hero or a failure? He is in some ways a hero if he can help his family and his village, he has failed if he can not. Here, all of this resonates with the identity of these people, even second-generation young people. If we do not work with these socio-anthropological aspects, and how much they count for integration, we will get nowhere. With Futuranetwork.eu and ASviS, we are arranging an online event on these topics on 20 June ”.

Guido Crosetto, Entrepreneur and President of Aiad, the Association of Italian Space, Defense and Security Companies

Asked how to read the lack of meeting the needs of companies unable to find staff and foreigners staying outside the area of ​​legality, Crosetto responded with a recent example: “In theory, this year’s flow decree provides for labor, which in some sectors it should cover the demand, but for agriculture, the applications have stood still for two and a half months because there is a computer problem in the Interior Ministry.Coldiretti asks to go to the manual and go back to the written sheets because the files are The problems are not only the problems of “anticipating”, but also the problems of bureaucracy. The difficulties encountered by the agricultural sector are the same as in the tourism sector “. From Crosetto a reference to the theme of low wages: “I say this as an entrepreneur: looking for labor does not mean looking for slaves. Remuneration and the hours you ask people for are essential elements. I get the impression when I read the stories in the newspapers that there are some who think it is an honor to be able to work in some sectors, but if the salary does not allow to have a dignified life and support the family, skip the social pact , which keeps the family together.land. Clearly, we need to think about solving the problem of work, not just immigration, to have the demand on a side that does not meet the young Italian unemployed is another problem to ask ourselves. However, the solution can not come from those who do business, but from those who analyze these social phenomena and explain what we need to do. Another problem we will have in the next few years is that we will import 35,000 mechatronics, we are taking them to Germany and France because the school system is training them for this type of work, as opposed to ours. The question is difficult to resolve, I repeat: we must understand why supply and demand for work in our country do not meet “.

Lia Quartapelledeputy to the Democratic Party

“I want to make a generalized mea culpa first and foremost, I think a number of knots are coming to a head, but we are still able to avoid more dramatic situations,” Quartapelle then stressed, “Italy is always in difficulties with organizational processes, between saying and doing in Italy there is the sea in between.An even more acute problem with the phenomenon that requires proper programming skills, where it is necessary to organize in time.Second generation of children and workers coming with the flow decree, are two different things, but they struggle.I am left-leaning, and in general my political side has always believed that all immigration factors arise spontaneously, very little has been worked on both on the front of integration policies and on the front of programming policy These days I was in Poland, where they welcome millions of Ukrainians with a crazy organization that we dream of. They managed to make sense in a national effort. . We have never been in favor of a culture of immigration management “.

by Ivan Manzo

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