Here are 8 beautiful places in the city that you must not miss

If you want to visit by Salerno over the course of a weekend, in addition to the excellent gastronomy from Campania, there are certainly some places and monuments you must not miss.

Salerno has met one in recent years important tourist growthalso thanks to events that attract visitors at certain times of the year and to the new tourist port.

Here is a short guide to this citythe gateway to the Amalfi Coast.


The Cathedral of Salerno

Characterized by a baroque facade and a Arab-Norman bell tower at 52 feet, it houses inside a quadriportico, the only Italian example along with the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio in Milanwith a loggia of barred windows, a colonnade with the pillars coming from the old Roman Forum and bows decorated with inlays of volcanic rock.

The interior is influenced by the various changes that have been made over the centuries and Crypt which houses the remains of San Matteo, the patron saint of the city.

The historic center and via Mercanti

That old town is mostly pedestrian and full of restaurants and craft shops.

Via dei Mercanti is the oldest part of Salerno and in the time of the Lombards it was the main trading street: here is the Duomo and Palazzo Pinto, with municipal art gallery.


Minerva’s Garden and Salerno Medical School

Proverb “wool, milk, bed“, That is, hot, light food and rest, is the recommended method to recover from the famous fever Salerno Medical School, the first medical university in Europe. Already around the year 1000 in doctors in Salerno they had found many remedies, born of practical experience, against common diseases, so much so that they were considered the first professors of medicine in the modern world.

In the middle of the city Minervas havewhich Salerno Medical School used for teach students to use medicinal herbs: that’s why it is first European Botanical Gardens.

Trieste waterfront

That the promenade of Salerno, almost 2 kilometers long and dotted with palm trees, pines and tamarisk trees leading to Santa Teresa Beach and Villa Comunale, in the 1950s it was considered the most beautiful in Italy and offers one spectacular views going from Cilento to the Amalfi Coast.

Arechi Castle

Salerno var for three centuries a Lombardy capital
and The Lombard prince Arechi II had the capital of the duchy transferred from Benevento to Salerno.

There fortressof Roman origin, exist 300 meters above sea level and thanks to the work done by Arechi, it became an unassailable castle: it offers one panorama that runs from the Amalfi Coast to Calabria.

After being a Norman and then Aragonese fortress, it was completely abandoned and today it houses a medieval museum with weapons, coins and ceramics that tells the story of Salerno and its ancient crafts.

The San Pietro a Corte complex

Born as thermal complex in Roman timesbecame so small church
And cemetery
in Christian times, then Private chapel dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul for the exclusive use of Prince Arechi II.

In the Middle Ages became parliament
And place to give degrees to students from Salerno Medical School.

Artist light

It is about a manifestation
than in Christmas time beautify the city e it attracts about a million tourists every yearfrom Italy and abroad.

From early November to late January, squares, streets, parks and the municipal villa came decorated with Christmas lights with theme. The event also includes various Christmas markets
distributed in different places in the city and offers typical products from the south.

Amalfi Coast

Last but not least, you can not visit Salerno without also seeing it
Amalfi Coast: Vietriceramics city, Ravelloa place loved by artists from all over the world, and the wonderful Amalfi and Positanoare some of the villages that lie along coast, today protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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