Garda Trentino where to go. Trekking, stop for taste and relaxation

Riva del Garda it is the beating heart of the Trentino Garda coast. A place that smells of lemons and olive oil, embraced by Brenta Dolomites.

The impressive fortress dominates the elegant city from above (you can also get there with a panoramic lift that takes you to the bastion in 3 minutes), and houses MAG Alto Garda Museum with exhibitions of history and archeology, and the picture gallery, with works from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century.

Nearby, the medieval bell tower Torre Apponale is also worth a visit, with a guaranteed view of the lake.

Not far from the beaches, which are located along lush gardens and teeming with tourists, it is located Santa Maria Inviolatabaroque church full of frescoes and stucco.

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Riva del Garda: The pearl of Garda in Trentino

From the center of Riva del Garda, for those who want to walk and views that remain impressive, starts a walk not to be missed: Ponale stione of the most popular cycling and pedestrian routes in Europe, and suitable for anyone connecting the city of Garda Trentino with Ledro Valley.

Three hours walk each way, or on a mountain bike, with a glimpse lost in the beauty of nature. The living rock on one side, the lake on the other.

Those looking for the breathtaking photoshoot (without making a particularly athletic effort!) Will need to indicate as a destination: Punta Larici. A natural balcony over 900 meters high with a view that seems to open out to a fjord, and includes the northern tip of Lake Garda, Malcesine, Monte Altissimo (2058 meters above sea level) and the Monte Baldo. For a moment we may be confused: it looks like Norway.

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Torbole: a paradise for windsurfing and windsurfing

From Riva del Garda you can move to another coastal center in a few minutes: Arco. Here is the taste break atAgritur Madonna delle Vittorie which is at the same time agritur, cellar and oil mill.

The company grows 26 hectares of guyot vineyards, extra virgin olive oil of superior quality with fruit and spicy notes, while the restaurant, which has a cozy terrace with direct views of the vineyards, offers sea and land dishes. To order the mixed fish with trout tartar, whitefish and sardines in saor, and the packchero in the stew of trout and asparagus.

Ora and Pelér are the winds that blow at regular intervals throughout the day and make off Torboleanother coastal destination on the Trentino coast of Garda, the sailing and windsurfing paradise. A walk through the narrow streets of the historic center, full of clubs and tourist restaurants, and you arrive at the lake shore with the famous Dazios housepostcards of the village.

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Lake Tenno: a turquoise gem a stone’s throw from the medieval village of Canale di Tenno

From Torbole, with the lake behind you, you go up into the hinterland of Garda Trentino. A few hairpin turns and you arrive at the shore of a turquoise gem in the vegetation. That Tenno lakefrom above it looks just like that in the eyes of those who see it.

If you go down the stairs leading to the islet, you can choose a regenerating bath or one ring walk around the lakesimple and suitable for everyone (it takes just under an hour).

From the lake you can with a short walk reach the medieval village of the same name Tenno channel, among the most beautiful villages in Italy. A maze of alleys with ancient stone houses loved by artists from all over the world. In addition to the collection of works, exhibitions and cultural events, the Casa degli Artisti holds. A stone’s throw away is the cozy museum of agricultural implements.

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Taste stages: carne salada and balsamic vinegar from Trentino

Taste stopping also mandatory in these parts, historical areas for the production of carne salad, the typical slices of spicy meat to be eaten raw “in purity”, with oil and lemon (of course from Garda), or cooked with beans. A symbolic place where you can taste it?

All ‘The old cross of Tenno, where Chef Ettore prepares meat from Trentino, fish from spring water, mushrooms and black truffles collected in the nearby forests. It is well known that Garda is particularly suitable for growing vines and olive trees, but perhaps not everyone knows that it is also produced a few kilometers from its shores.balsamic vinegar with Traminer grapes. All ‘Acetaia del Balsamico Trentino by Tenno you can taste the house references, or taste the dishes prepared in the restaurant with a view outside the refining room.

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The villages of Garda Trentino: Rango and Balbido

Upper Garda is not just sunny beaches, boat trips and ice walks. From Riva del Garda to the rural villages of Comano Valley and Lomaso, it takes about thirty minutes by car. The tranquility and tranquility of the central mountain are the ingredients of a slow holiday, far from mass tourism.

TO Rank, a well-known destination for Christmas holiday guests, which for the holidays becomes a toy country and at the same time preserves the atmosphere of the past, the hands are stopped. In the summer, silence reigns, and as you walk through the city, it is not uncommon to have a chat with the few inhabitants who still populate it. There are many glimpses to be immortalized through the streets of the village, adorned with flowers and cobs of corn left to dry.

When leaving Rango, on foot or by bike (it is better to leave the car parked), you reach in a few minutes the nearby painted village I come: a square, the sculpture of a giant witch in straw (this is also a symbol) and a handful of streets where you can go hunting murals: I am 50 works that color the houses in the city. Rudy’s milk cow bells indicate the next stop.

In Fiavè, along the Milky Way (as with the Bleggio walnut, Ciuga del Banale and Lomaso potato Taste trails in Garda Trentino), we findFontanèl farm, where you can stop for a rich dish of natural cheeses, quality yoghurt and listen to the stories of the cheesemaker at the foot of Monte Misone and Cadria.

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Trekking on the walnut trail and the Rio Bianco waterfalls

Trekking lovers will be spoiled for choice in this valley just a few kilometers from the shores of Lake Garda. The routes are of varying difficulty, but there are many trails to suit everyone.

That Bleggios walnut path, for example, it starts from Santa Croce and crosses peasant villages and cultivated fields. About 7 kilometers long, mostly flat, it includes stops in the company, such as Noce by Marco Brochetti, a young producer who at Maso Prà Cavai grows 2 and a half hectares of walnut grove in a craft way, and restores an old profession that today still only do in five around here.

Anyone wishing to indulge in one more stop along the way will need to walk for an additional ten minutes to the gates to Cavic Winery, little reality in the Upper Garda area (12 thousand bottles a year) where you can have an aperitif with a view. Here only white wines are drunk, from Chardonnay to Kerner, but also apple cider.

Move to Stenicohowever, we are aiming for a visit to the historic castle after the neighbors Rio Bianco waterfall. An easy hike, in the middle of the mountain, between springs, forests and a museum for landart in the open: the BAS, Bosco Arte Stenicowhere numerous artists have tried to create sculptures and installations with branches and trunks and created works with great impact.

The break at the table here is a historic place, also a meeting place for the inhabitants of the small villages around Comano Terme: Osteria by Locanda Fiorewhere you can taste dishes prepared only in the stoves of these kitchens, such as Polenta Macafana (Storo polenta with chard, herbs, creamy with toma cheese and parmesan); Na feta and gnoc (bread buns topped with Lomaso potatoes, melted butter and cheese) and Rice and parole (risotto in the pan).

Sustainable holiday in Casariga hypogeum B&B

A holiday in close contact with nature and as an insider that you find in Casariga, the ideal place to welcome few tourists (there are only seven rooms). A wooden sign indicates Agritur B&B, but no building is seen except a huge meadow full of flowers. The structure is actually hypogeal, obtained inside a hill, eco-sustainable and with a very low environmental impact (it also received the prestigious Casaclima Oro award).

It is powered by solar energy, the walls are in raw pine, the floor is in bamboo and the outside is in larch. Each room appears to be the continuation of the forest that surrounds it with the large window that separates the bed from the grass. The breakfast prepared by Elisa and Omar (who are also farmers) is the area’s business card: authentic, genuine and with the taste of things done with passion.

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Follow all stages of our journey in Garda Trentino in our gallery.


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