From June 26 the Sicilian Granita School in Oliveri

Oliveri (Me) -More than twenty flavors, including traditional granitas, fruit and gourmet, are made on June 26 in Oliveri in the province of Messina by ice masters Vincenzo and Alessandro Squatrito, assisted by master Pietro Di Noto, on the occasion of the opening of The first Sicilian Granita school.

The theoretical-practical courses will have an average duration of two days. Among the suggestions are the special granita with sangria, tomato and basil, pomegranate, mushrooms, prickly pear and truffle, champagne and caviar for the gourmet category. There will definitely be the saltwater granita, Pietro Di Noto’s workhorse. This is the first to come from the genius of three flavor entrepreneurs. A triumph of taste, but also a tumult of colors that will see 12 students at work under the guidance of three, among the most important ice cream makers in Italy.

This first agreement will be followed by another, always entirely Sicilian, in Oliveri on 14 and 15 October and then moving to Rome on 24 and 25 October under the guidance of maestro Di Noto, who owns an ice cream shop in the capital of the central Piazza Colonna. The courses at the Sicilian granita school are aimed at professional ice cream makers, but also at apprentices who want to take on this fascinating profession.

In return, about 50 granites have become a must at the Orchidea meeting at Oliveri Square, owned by the Squatrito brothers: along with the pomegranate, we find peaches, malvasia, mulberry trees, berries and we could go on, but what matters is that these craft masterpieces are made with the freshest zero-kilometer ingredients, processed in the local laboratory. Even the base for the granites with almonds, hazelnuts or chocolate is obtained by making the base paste in the small stone mill where hazelnuts and almonds are crushed and transformed, as well as the cocoa which is processed until a soft paste is obtained which will subsequently be pasteurized.

“The idea of ​​creating a school to make the real Sicilian granita known comes from the awareness that the product has been processed several times by inexperienced hands of occasional ice cream makers, causing it to lose its original properties – says Alessandro Squatrito – our goal is to make the real granita famous, take it around the world, to offer it celebrities like spaghetti, parmesan, pizza and mozzarella.Only this way we can save one of the oldest products with a processing method that our ancestors have given us Since we opened our ice cream shop in Oliveri, we have won more than 50 national and international awards – continues Master Squatrito – we are ambassadors for ice cream in the world, ambassadors for Stracciatella di Bergamo and winners of first prizes for pistachio, hazelnut and chocolate. brought our culture of granita to many regions of Italy with great results, but also abroad, especially in the Netherlands and Germany, and this is only the first step, we will not stop because Sicilian granita in the world is our culture. , our roots. “

Over the years, Alessandro and Vincenzo Squatrito have received the award from the Italian Gelato Makers Association in Rimini for pistacieis and in 2015 the Oscar for ice cream in Marina di Carrara. Finally in 2022, they will be awarded two cones by the prestigious Gambero Rosso.

Pietro Di Noto, who traveled the world for multinational companies, became passionate about the production of ice cream 30 years ago, making it one of the most important purposes of his life. His fame and skill have led him to various Rai TV shows and he has received countless awards from Italy and abroad. Among all that we remember, in Catania, for his patents, as the Genius of Sicily, followed by the “Taste Award” in Brussels, where he was ranked first in a selection of over 2,500 participating chefs, confectioners and ice cream makers from around the world. world with Maciste Nutraceutical and sugar-free orange blossom ice cream. In 2019, he received the ConfCommercio Messina Award. Maestro Di Noto is the author of 5 patents. The last one, IceGelina2, is a biodegradable cardboard tray for transporting frozen food, has an autonomy of 6 hours and can be recycled. IceGelina is a revolution for the world of frozen food transport, contributing to online sales and reducing environmental risk.

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