Disciplinary test for teachers employed by GPS

The Ministry of Education has published i.a. framework for evaluation of the disciplinary test for teachers employed by the GPS through the extraordinary procedure aimed at placing them in the role.

It is the exam that teachers employed on a time-limited basis know provincial placements at the first level they must review at the end of the initial training year and test for confirmation in the role. It consists of one interview and can also take place via video conference in case of interregional mergers.

Below we make the reference framework for the assessment of the entrance exam for recruitment from 1st level GPS downloadable and specify how the interview takes place.


We make the REFERENCE FRAMEWORK (Zip 957Kb) available for you to evaluate the oral exam for newly hired teachers from 1st level GSPs published by MIUR.


The extraordinary procedure for the permanent recruitment of teachers from the authorized GPS, for the academic year 2021/2022, of the Decree of Support, which consists in the allocation of annual substitutes aimed at the role of the provincial ranking of first bandwith simultaneous execution ofyears of training and trial for teachers, it actually provides the opportunity to conduct a disciplinary test at the end of the latter. In practice, teachers who have passed the initial training and test course must take a test in order to be placed in the role and therefore obtain a permanent contract.

With note 22219 of 8 June 2022, the Ministry of Education has already provided the information on the requirements for completing the test, which we recall consists of a eligibility interviewwho takes care ofterritorial aggregation for the competition classes and types of places where the number of applicants is small. In the case of interregional mergers pursuant to the provisions of Ministerial Decree of 30 May 2022, No. 147, it is possible to carry out the remote test, in video conference.

Let’s see in detail how the disciplinary test for registrations in the role of GPS I tape works.


Based on the provisions of MIUR Decree No. 242 of 30 July 2021, which regulates the extraordinary procedure for permanent recruitment from the first-class GPS rankings, the aptitude test is structured as follows:

  • the test consists of an aptitude interviewwhich is intended to verify
    for teaching on a common basis, possession and proper practice of cultural and disciplinary skills, in the context of the fundamental core of the teaching disciplines underlying the competence objectives and the learning objectives set out in the applicable laws;

    – for teaching a supportive position, possession and correct exercise of knowledge and skills aimed at an individualized educational planning, which in accordance with the individual student’s rhythms and learning styles and needs identify in close collaboration with other members of the class councils, balanced interventions between learning and socialization and making full use of the skills and potential of the person undergoing training;

  • the examination program for kindergarten and primary school it is reported in Annex A to Ministerial Order No. 327/2019;

  • the high school graduation program it is reported in Annex A to Ministerial Order No. 201/2020;

  • the interview ends with an assessment of suitability or unsuitability according to reference frameworks published by MIUR;

  • The USRs prepare the calendar interviews, broken down by school class and type of place, on the basis of lists of those admitted to the disciplinary examination after years of education and examination;

  • the place and time of the test are announced at least 10 days before the performance of the USR where the candidates have served, by means of a notice published in the respective registers and websites, also containing indications concerning the performance of the test, which has the value of notice;

  • they lapse from the procedure aimed at admitting candidates who do not show up on the scheduled day, time and place of the test, for no good reason, or who do not pass it.


Ministerial Decree n. 147/2022, which contains the ministerial indications on the interregional aggregation of procedures, reported in Annex A to the Decree, and on the establishment of the disciplinary sample evaluation commissions, provides that the test may be performed via video conference in offices or territorial departments of the USR, in whose territory the time-limited task was performed. The remote test takes place using IT and digital tools, while ensuring the adoption of technical solutions that ensure its advertising, identification of participants as well as communication security and their traceability. To conduct the interview via video conference a specific application must be submitted.


The disciplinary test for teachers employed by the GPS, which aims to be placed in the role, will take place before 31 July. Ministerial Decree n. 242/2021 actually states that by the month of July 2022, the tests concerning the extraordinary procedure for appointments as 1st level GPS must be completed.


For all the information on the extraordinary procedure for signing up for the role from the GPS rankings, read this in-depth analysis. On this page you will also find the ministry’s indications for conducting the aptitude test.

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