“Connessioni 01”, the bridge culture between Umbria and the Netherlands

Umbrian excellence together

From the very beginning, the project has connected Umbrian partners like it with their own strengths, energies and goals Umbria Region, Sviluppoumbria, University of Perugia Aliens, Umbria International Airport, Perugia Municipalityand Italian institutions in the Netherlands such as the Italian Embassy in The Hague And the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdamwith the aim of creating new opportunities to strengthen the link between culture and business.

To illustrate the project, which represents the focal point of Umbrian creative – at Brand Culturale’s headquarters (Palazzo Graziani, via della Luna n.17) was Filippo Fettucciari. Among others, they intervened Michela SciurpaCEO for Developumbria, Chiara Biscarinifrom the University of Foreigners of Perugia, who brought greetings from the rector, e.g. Umberto SolimenoDirector of Umbria International Airport: they noted all the characteristics of a “very valid” initiative, which will also be “reinforced” in other markets useful to Umbria.

The aim is therefore to connect Umbria even more with the Netherlands, to help generate inbound tourism thanks to the existing Perugia-Rotterdam flight with the Transavia company, to determine new distribution opportunities for agricultural food, to improve the aspect culturally associated with them through targeted presentations, networking with Dutch operators and the press, while favoring commercial and educational relations, facilitated by the actions of Made in Umbria ambassadors who have chosen our region from the Netherlands.

Umbria and Amsterdam

The project therefore arrives at this first edition Friday, June 17th to Amsterdamand exactly the whole thing‘Italian Cultural Institute has been Italy’s official cultural representative in the Netherlands since 1952. The Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam, the overseas office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, aims to promote and disseminate the Italian language and culture in the Netherlands through the organization of language courses and Italian culture and cultural events to promote the spread of ideas, art and science. For this reason, of fundamental importance to “Connessioni 01” is the involvement of the University of Foreigners of Perugia, which here will promote cultural exchange with the universities of Leiden, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Delft, Groningen and Tilburg.

The program for the Holland tour

From 15 the program includes: Greetings and introduction of Paola Cordonedirector of the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam; University of Foreigners of Perugia meets other Dutch universities to initiate contacts and develop synergies: Rector of Foreigners Valerio De Cesaris in comparison with the director of the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Leiden, the full professor of Italian literature at the University of Utrecht and other representatives of the universities of Amsterdam, Delft, Groningen and Tilburg involved in the teaching of Italian; to follow one tourism promotion event with Dutch press and operators edited by Sviluppoumbria.

Embassy of Italy in The Hagueled by Ambassador Giorgio Novello, will be the setting for the second day, Saturday, June 18th. The Embassy is competent for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has bilateral, consular and multilateral competencies, including the numerous international organizations and courts based in The Hague. The Embassy deals with bilateral relations between the Italian Republic and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the political, economic and cultural spheres. In the latter context, it makes use of the Italian Cultural Institute based in Amsterdam.

Here, a delegation of Cultural Brand and other Umbrian institutional partners will be welcomed by the Italian Ambassador for the presentation of some initiatives and projects aimed at strengthening the socio-cultural and economic exchanges between the Netherlands and ‘Umbria.

From 10.30 the program includes: Welcome and introduction by Giorgio Novello, Italian Ambassador to The Hague; “Culture, business, cooperation, expertise, internationalization: Umbria-Holland, a lasting bond and affinity”, presentation of Cultural Brand by portal in Dutch and Italian on Umbrian excellence; “Why a Dutchman chooses Umbria”, the architect Gianluigi Caldarelli (by Arkitektur & Indretningsdesign the articulation of the Umbrian center) will illustrate an architectural project of a house in the rolling Umbrian hills (in Gubbio) built for a Dutch family together with the lawyer. Dennis de Breji, one of the best and best known Dutch lawyers in the business sector, who will then tell the story that made him love and choose Umbria; “University of Foreigners of Perugia: Ambassador of Italian Languages ​​and Cultures in the World” will be the rector’s speech Valerio De Cesaris; “Living in Umbria and getting to know the world through the University of Foreigners of Perugia”, with prof. Roberto Dolci, delegated to the international relations of foreigners; “Umbria in flight”, med Umberto Solimeno Director of Umbria International Airport on the theme of opportunities and international relations between the region and Europe; “The Umbria of San Benedetto and San Francesco”, presentation of the volume by the sole administrator of Sviluppoumbria, Michela Sciurpa; “Tesori dell’Umbria”, kl. 13.30 working lunch with the Dutch ambassador, operators and journalists to promote tourism in the Dutch market (promoted by Sviluppoumbria and with Dutch chefs who will prepare dishes with Umbrian oil, wine and trufflesprecious testimonies of the regional tourist offer).

“Connections 01”

The intention of “Connessioni 01” is therefore to create a choral story about the region in a continuous dialogue on exchange with the Netherlands. All this based on the concept “cohesive companies”that is, those who not only create economic value, but who work to create sustainable value by anchoring profit to an idea of ​​growth and long-term revenue, rejecting approaches aimed at immediate gain and overcoming the traditional dichotomy that believes that cohesion is incompatible with competitiveness as an end in itself.

In fact, from its birth, Cultural Brand tries to weave relationships both between those who already “live” its space and with external stakeholders (among the various actors also companies, public administrations, universities, clusters, associations, communities, citizens), in an ongoing dialogue and exchange of ideas. And it is above all the territory that assumes significance, which thus becomes one of the hub’s fundamental assets.

Territory that is at the center of the projects and activities that Brand Culturale works with in the fields of culture, social, cooperation and internationalization. A kind of evolving “workshop of ideas” where you can share the different designs, including what was already announced last December during the inauguration of the headquarters in Perugia’s historic center: “Umbria Brand Fest”. The event, which is planned for 2024, thus aims to be a kaleidoscopic representation of everything that revolves around the concept of brand, sign, uniqueness. “Umbria Brand Fest” will thus arise from the desire to reflect on the need to communicate its identity in an increasingly clear and innovative way. It therefore aims to be the event to discuss and discuss branding and brand identity.

University of Foreigners

The mission – scheduled for June 17 and 18 – will involve the Rector of the University of Foreigners of Perugia, Valerio De Cesaris, and Professor Roberto Dolci, Delegate for International Relations.

The day at the IIC in Amsterdam on 17 June will be geared to meet teachers and representatives of the major Dutch universities, where Humanities of Italian tradition. Specifically, De Cesaris will have talks with representatives of the Italian departments at the universities of Leiden, Utrecht Amsterdam, Delft, Groningen and Tilburg involved in the teaching of Italian language, philology, history and thought. On 18 June, at the Italian Embassy, ​​the university will intervene in connection with the presentation program for Umbria’s expertise, with interventions from the rector and Prof. Slik, which will have as their theme “The University for Foreigners of Perugia: ambassador of the Italian language and cultures in the world “and” To live in Umbria and get to know the world through the University of Foreigners of Perugia “. The events will be an opportunity to tell the story and tradition of the university, an institution with an international calling but strongly rooted in the area, also with a special reference to education in Made in Italy, Food and Hospitality and the project currently being implemented by the named university “Umbria Experience”which ensures the stable structuring within the educational offer of courses that combine the teaching of the Italian language with the knowledge of the excellence of the local area, through direct experiences and cultural visits to companies and places of greatest attractiveness.

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