Cisal Regional School Department is born. “An extra support for the insecure workers in the sector”

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Vibonesian traction structures for the union. Which focuses on assistance to workers to get Naspi

Published on: 16/06/2022 – 9:03

Cisal Regional School Department is born.

VIBO VALENTIA “With the interruption of teaching, part of the school world falls back into uncertainty. We are talking about substitutes and all the substitute teachers who are without work with the last bell ”. We read this in a note from Cisal announcing the birth of the regional school department, signed by Cisal. The Italian Association of Autonomous Trade Unions “fresh from the exploitation of the recent elections to the joint trade union representations, even in the school, which has decided to invest in the area by providing users with an additional service dedicated to the whole sector”.
The headquarters is Vibo Valentia. And the structure also has Vibonese traction. Professor Domenico Villì is the regional secretary, while Professor Sergio Rizzo is the provincial secretary of Vibo, flanked by Francesco Ielapi and professors Vania Continanza, Carla Castagna and Vanessa Denami.
“In the offices of via Luigi Razza, 86 – the note continues – the special remark is Naspi, the unemployment benefit due to employees who involuntarily lose their jobs as long as they possess the necessary requirements under the law. The school’s insecure employees who have a fixed-term contract may, at the end of this period, apply for unemployment benefits, provided that they are in possession of the additional requirements set out in the law amended in the last year. 4 years, which means that even a short replacement could entitle you to receive unemployment benefits ».


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