CAVART – Cultural Extractions 2022, Festival of Art and Environmental Culture

Festival of Arts and Environmental Culture organized by the Girovagando Association realized with a contribution from the “Salude & Trigu” Chamber of Commerce in the Sassari program.

Old quarries, cradles that once gave “life” to pumice, tuff and chalk, are today becoming magnificent natural theaters that are able to hold events that can involve and enhance the hesitant, the territory and the artistic proposals through artistic, historical -archaeological and naturalistic to live in the sign of the residents’ authentic hospitality, the tasting of local products at zero km and the rediscovery of a lifestyle based on sustainability. This is CAVART – Cultural extractionsmade with the support of Sassari Chamber of Commerce through advertising “Salude & Trigu“, The support from Sennori municipalityof Sardinia region he was born in Ministry of Culture.

Matteo Leone

It’s starting to Sennori, Sunday, July 19th. The ticket office opens in the quarry from kl. 19.30: full ticket 10 euros; reduced residents 6 euros; up to 12 years free admission. The Clown Show “Ginette and Son monde“By Theater and vol And Céline Brynart, which will be associated with an oil tasting carried out in collaboration with the Alessandro Ibba farm. “Ginette and son monde“Is a distillation of innocent poetry that springs from a simple and sensitive comedy to the audience’s spirit. Shy, yet determined, clumsy and yet relaxed, Ginette leads into her world. A world where loneliness sometimes brings objects, large and small, to life: objects that become interlocutors, talk about you, collide with you, play with you. Performer Céline Brynart will accompany the audience in a clown-like poetic universe made of theatrical play, manipulation of objects, elements of acrobatics and dance.

19.00, with the Domus de Janas del Beneficio Parrocchiale in the background, the women’s choir’s performance is scheduled. Sa ‘oghe de sos feminos sennaresos instructed by the master Francesco Scognamillo: the voice of tradition to be preserved and listened to. Kl. 20.00 the spotlight on the Ex-tufbrudet is lit with an exhibition and tasting of wines from the local Fara, Mode, Sorres and Viticoltori della Romangia wineries and products from Daniele Doneddus l’Arte del Pane bakery. The art installation will welcome the audience “Imaginary Habitats – Traveling Stay“, Improved by audio installation”Soundscapes as landmarks” made by The “L. Canepa” Conservatory And Theater and vola company that will give the performance to the public at 20.30 “TRACK – on the way“Between physical theater, words and installation”TRACK – on the way“Wants to make us reflect on the need to take global and individual responsibility for a problem that has not yet been raised – with urgent priority in our daily lives – and encourages us to take action, even if they are small, to help protect the earth.

Completion of the first of the three days of CAVART the others in Ittireddu on 3 July and in Monteleone Rocca Doria on 17 July – left to Matteo Leone Quintet with “RàIXE, tabarchino blues concert“. Winner of the Andrea Parodi 2021 Prize, Matteo Leone presents his new project RàIXE at Habitat in Blues 2022 together with 4 other musicians, with whom he tells the inhabitants of Calasetta’s light-hearted and goliardic identity. Stories of yesterday and stories of today, stories of travel and relationships and clashes, with an ocean as a major protagonist, the Mediterranean that has favored meetings and exchanges more than it has actually shared. To tell these stories, Tabarchino is the perfect vehicle, one of the many languages ​​that have populated this amazing sea, a language that is the protagonist of these stories, but also the language of a personal journey in search of one’s origins.

CAVART SENNORI PROGRAM / Sunday, 19.06.2022

17.00 San Giovanni olive grove park

Theater en vol / Céline Brynart – Ginette et son monde, klovneshow

Distinguished oil tasting in collaboration with Alessandro Ibba Farm

19.00 Domus de Janas of the Parish Benefit

Sa ‘oghe de sos feminos sennaresos, women’s choir led by Maestro Francesco Scognamillo

From 20.00 Ex Cava

Exhibition and tasting of the wines from the local wineries Fara, Mode, Sorres and Viticoltori Romangia and of the products from the bakery l’Arte del Pane by Daniele Doneddu

Installation Habitat Immaginari – Traveling stay

Theater en vol / L. Canepa Conservatory – Sound landscapes as landmarks, sound installation

20.30 Theater en vol – Tracks – on the way, performance

21.30 Matteo Leone Quintetto – RàIXE, tabarchino blues concert



Circuit Box Office Sardinia outlets:


2) Tabarka Travel Agency Piazza Reppublica, 5 Carloforte

3) BIAGETTI MARCO Via Antonio Gramsci, 111 Carbonia

4) Ferruccio Montis Via Garibaldi 37 Sanluri

5) EFISIA ARESTI TOBACCHERY Via S. Gavino Monreale, 3 Villacidro

6) NONSOLOMUSICA Via la Marmora, 153 Nuoro

7) TOBACCO Viale Monsignor Virgilio 121 Tortolì

8) BAFFIGO Via Roma, 1 Tempio Pausania

9) CLOSER Via Tirso, 148 Oristano

10) THE HORRIBLE GIRLS Via Roma, 144 Sassari

11) NEW SARDINIAN MESSENGERS Piazza Castello, 11 Sassari

12) Tobacco D’Apello Via Manzoni, 40 ALGHERO

13) Tobacco dealer’s newsstand Sassu Via Sassari 86 ITTIRI

Box opening in the quarry on exhibition days starting at 19.30.

Full ticket 10 euros; reduced Sennori, Ittireddu and Monteleone Rocca Doria residents 6 euros; up to 12 years free admission

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