Catania opens the doors to a new vision for design

CATANIA – A new dialogue between creativity and functionality, which opens the doors to a new vision for design, for a qualitatively valuable and very personal experience.

This is the leitmotif of the new concept store, which offers two historical entrepreneurial realities Catania, Castellana and Abitare, united by professionalism, intuition, constant research and new addresses.

An unprecedented hub, a true “style office”, an elegant and innovative space, tailored to each type of customer’s wishes, a few steps from Catania’s magnificent cliff, inside the city, to find the ideal solution for your own wishes. The home environments suggested in the store are all functional in everyday life. The constant experiments of Castellana and Abitare have made it possible to harmonize the Bath & Home collections on the basis of the strong identities of the two worlds, sealing the meeting between haute couture designs and precious materials.

While the eyes still observe new frameworks, where the class of historical design alternates with the more whimsical and evocative forms of the contemporary, the hands touch fabrics, papers, fibers, and materials; the breath opens up to tones of essences that perfume the environment, and listening leaves itself to a delicate music in the air.

The store is also intended as a meeting place, for training, a lively container that enhances the “design culture”, the advocate of an aesthetic consisting of unique details and a precise compositional balance generated by perfect proportions, clean surfaces and new finishes that contribute to the definition of a style.

From the doors to the precious floor, from the bathroom furniture to the textiles, from the hob to the curtains, to the floor lamps. Each functional element, together with the decorative, is conceived and designed for an organic and coordinated image, but also to restore practical functions to the interior design systems, while always maintaining a tailored, personal and tailored choreography that brings creativity and ability to to transform with. an idea for an interior design system.

Abitare showcases the most exclusive interior design systems offering only the best of Made in Italy furniture: from design icons, from eternal memory to modern and new, along with the production of the most important ceramic district in Italy.

“What characterizes all our projects is the love we transfer to this work – says Cherie Russo, founder di Abitare – which allows us to turn our passion into our customers’ satisfaction. The New Concept Store is a truly eventful journey through our collections Interior, Contemporary, ModernOutdoors, as well as a InteriorDesign Studio, which offers interior design and installation services. Furnishing today is like telling a story. Houses cease to be containers that need to be filled and become living spaces whose peculiarities need to be reinforced throughrso ad hoc projects. Next to our historian offline dimension, emblematic, if not unique in nature, it comes to life the online reality represented by Brera InterniLAnd Which one generality derived from well-known Milanese district. Our customer – concludes – he is looking for an exclusive product, available only to him or almost, often tailor-laved. From vintage allultra-modern, almost futuristic. C.hey access from the web and Brera Interiors, look for two featuresand key: uniqueness and rarity “.

The prestigious design space also has important partnerships in the area, including that with the KoArt gallery, thus providing those who wish to express the various expressions of contemporary art in the language of the architectural space.

Castellana, represents an extraordinary global provider of services and products, carefully chosen, to interpret and innovate the bathroom and home with cutting-edge solutions and modern taste. An added value that faithfully reflects the philosophy of a leading group through 60 years.

“Our ambition is to preserve, and if possible revive, the territory in which we operate and live, – emphasizes Fabrizio Marchese, Manager di Castellana – gives back the space, skills and professionalism that deserved to be appreciated. The goal was to create a meeting and discussion place where you could share ideas and projects between professionals, and put this on space available to the territory in the wake of the mission we wanted to give ours operated. This new showroom is dedicated to those who live in the house, communicate and build solutions with those who perobjects and furniture, with architects, interiordesigners and planners, with high-profile proposals for bathroom decor, air conditioning and home decor ».

Bespoke furniture is service at the highest level, generated to promote an experience in bathroom furniture, and put all the best craftsmen to work to realize an exclusive and unique project.

An unprecedented customer experience spread over an area of ​​1500 square meters in a mix of free design, expressiveness, elegance, comfort and functionality.

The indoor and outdoor Made in Italy furniture is enhanced by a delicate styling, which emphasizes the distinctive features of each brand.

The result is an original and exclusive concept store in the ability to combine interior components and design services, creations and skills to create spaces that are true to the different needs of functionality and aesthetics.

One of the executive aspects of the partnership between the two entrepreneurial realities is the uniqueness of each project, which is tailored to reflect any type of personality.

To celebrate this new sensitivity of designer furniture, a cozy moment will be held on Friday, June 17, starting at. 18.00 in the showroom via A. Caruso, in Catania.

Design and production enthusiasts, institutional representatives, testimonials and creatives will live the new home experience of Castellana and Abitare in a unique and glamorous event for a special opening, from kl.

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