Audi House of Progress: at Milan Design Week Audi shows tomorrow’s interior with help from Poliform – News

On the occasion of the last Salone del Mobile in Milan, Audi took possession of an entire floor of the brand new The Medelan in Piazza Cordusio to install the Audi House of Progress inside it: a meeting place to imagine tomorrow’s mobility and to reveal the fruits of Collaboration with one of the most recognized Italian interior design companies

June 16, 2022

Llatest edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan it was again an opportunity for a good breath and a dive into the most visionary and polluted projects that have to do with the world of cars. For some time, it has actually been more generically stated what is in all respects the most important week in terms of induced activities for the Lombard capital as Design week: a useful moment for everything related to industrial design, to showcase the latest ideas, both in terms of trends and aesthetics, and above all in terms of the latest developments in research and development.

A moment of confrontation that does not escape the most enlightened car manufacturers, and which sees among the most active protagonists for nine years now also Audipresent in Milan, for the first time, in a “global” role with the entire Audi AG staff.

THATthe proven format Audi City Lab has changed like this, Audi House of Progress: a development conceived for Design Week 2022, which has taken the form of a dedicated space similar to above 1,500 square meters dedicated solely to the theme of the future and the vision of a tomorrow based on the regeneration of the planet, society and man, including mobility.

And if Audi’s presence at previous editions of Design Week has always been marked by particularly scenic surroundings – how can we then forget the master’s achievements? Ludovico Einaudi at Arco della Pace – this year’s election is certainly not far off. The Audi House of Progress has actually found a “home” inside “Medelan”, the iconic complex located on Piazza Cordusio, recently renovated to meet the strictest sustainability standards and to become a pioneering center focusing on business, catering and shopping.

S.on the other hand, sustainability is the watchword, which can not be ignored in the industrial plan for the House of Rings, and which finds an ideal place in this location for the development of new ideas, as emphasized Marc Lichte, Design Manager at Audi AG: “I can not imagine a more appropriate place than Milan Design Week to analyze the different ways in which design can affect all aspects of our lives. Only here does the modern style meet traditional craftsmanship, Italian elegance and international influences“.

And it is precisely the meeting between the tradition of Italian design and Audi that was discussed at the meeting on June 8 inside Medelan. In fact, the presentation of collaboration between Audi and Poliformto together imagine a new way of devising interior design for the automotive world.

What happens to the transition process we are witnessing – said again, Lichte – is that we designers have much more space to devise the interior of cars. Design has thus gone from being ‘outside-in’, with interiors bent according to the needs of exterior design, to being ‘inside-out’, where interior design plays a prominent role in the design of tomorrow’s cars.“. Autonomous driving and the perspective in a way of understanding time inside cars, completely different from what we are currently experiencing, does the rest.

When we started talking about this project with Poliform, I told them: You deal with interior design, with the design of spaces such as living rooms and places where people spend a lot of time. Try to imagine decorating a car! And then the Audi x Poliform project was born“.

A collaboration that, as emphasized by Henrik Wenders, Chief Marketing Officer at Audi AGtestifies to Audi’s “holistic” approach and the ability to rethink aspects of our mobility that we provide for purchase, but which must necessarily change in the coming years, starting with the environmental impact that our mobility is able to generate on the environment : “We are part of the group of people who have the easiest access to information on the planet in the entire history of mankind. We have no excuses. We know what we need to do to change things. To date, 80% of the energy Audi uses comes from renewable sources, and by 2025, all the energy available with our Audi Pass will be zero-emission. We have the technology to change things and we have to do it because we only have one planet available“.

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