Deputy Mayor Luca Moda: “There is a choral work in the area that pushes everyone to look far and wide. In this way, the country manages to be the protagonist of the great national cultural panorama that researches, experiments “.

The big summer in Radicondoli is about to begin. Music, contemporary art, installations, theater, trekking. It’s all the “ingredients” of a billboard that sees the Radicondoli Festival in the center from July 9 to August 1. And again there is Belfortissimo’s music! and engagement, the research of many local associations.

“A choral work that pushes everyone to look beyond and far away – comments Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture, Luca Moda – In this way, Radicondoli manages to be the main character in the great national cultural panorama that researchers experiment with. And to offer citizens and visitors the opportunity to experience high-quality opportunities in the two villages of Radicondoli and Belforte on the hills of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany “.

“In the summer of 2022, the Radicondoli Festival will definitely return with contemporary landscapes – states Moda, Belforte’s musical events return to Belforte! In addition, the big popular festivals such as the Summer Fair in Radicondoli and Festa tra le Mura in Belforte, together with Public Assistance Festival, moments of unity capable of uniting residents and travelers “.

Among the events to be reported in June, from 18 June It’s getting started BelFortissimo! Chamber music festival by Circolo Arci Belforte, who will continue until 17 August. And June 18th with BelFortissimo! 17.30 there will be a concert in the woods, in the San Carlo Municipal Area in Belforte: Pithecanthropus Clarinet Ensemble, Music by Mozart, Bach, Mingus, Scott, Lennon-McCartney, Schickele. The Pithecanthropus Clarinet Ensemble was born in the clarinet class by Carlo Failli of the “P. Mascagni” Institute of Higher Education in Livorno. His repertoire ranges from Bach to contemporary, inevitably through Mozart, a great lover of this instrument, and who also touches on some jazz standards. There is free admission. From 24 to 26 Juneinstead of Summer fair by the ProLoco APS Radicondoli Association.

And we arrive in July. From 1 to 3 July, Party between the walls in Belforte, organized by Circolo Arci. 6 to 18 there is BelFortissimo! with Chamber Music Festival, Circolo Arci Belforte. From July 9 to August 1 will be the main character Radicondoli Festival 2022, organized by Associazione Radicondoli Arte under the direction of Massimo Luconi, which includes Contemporary Landscapes: exhibitions, installations, meetings on contemporary art and territory, on 16 and 17 July and until 31 August. Same dates for Festival picture, photographic exhibition curated by the Radicondoli Arte Association in Aquilante (Belforte). On July 20 at 18, BelFortissimo! Chamber music festival within the Radicondoli festival, Circolo Arci Belforte.

August starts with August under the stars at Circolo Arci Belforte. The 3 BelFortissimo! Chamber Music Festival, Circolo Arci Belforte. From 6 to 15 August there Public Relief Day, organized by the Association for Public Assistance, at Il Poggio di Radicondoli. On the 17th at 18.00 BelFortissimo! Chamber Music Festival, Circolo Arci Belforte.

TO Septemberthat 2 we want one concert by the Accademia dei Leggieri in the Collegiate Church, while it Sept. 11, “Foster care”initiative of the Social Territories Foundation allows for a go in the morning with packed lunch, early afternoon walk through the village streets to admire the views and works of art from the churches, at. 17 round table with the theme foster family, at 19 aperitif on the square, at 21 musical in the square theme. That 25th September, Madonna of the Mercedes fest by ACLI.

For information you can contact the tourist information Radicondoli “The Energy of the Territory” Museum Via T. Gazzei, 2 in Radicondoli or call 0577 790800. It is possible to write by email to turismo@radicondolinet.it at museo.energie@gmail .com .

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