5 per mille in Anffas: for a new culture on disability (16/06/2022)

Allocate 5×1000 to the Anffas network and support a network of families and people with disabilities operating at national, regional and local levels, it contributes to the growth of a new culture of disability in its own communities focused on the paradigms set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) to promote open, inclusive and friendly communities for people with disabilities and their families. In addition, over 5,000 families are supported by operators developing their business in the Anffas services, with their 5×1000 nationwide.

The work that Anffas has done in these 64 years has been constant and insistent. Anffas var protagonist in the definition of the most important laws concerning the world of disability starting from the abolition of special schools and differentiated classes to arrive at laws such as ln 104/92, ln 328/00, ln 68/99, ln 112/16, ln 227/21. Since their origins, the Anffas families have also – often in the absence of the state – organized to create quality services where the role of the family member was primary and the quality of life of people with disabilities was central for which these services are intended.

Anffas through his own National Foundation “During and After Us” it also promotes the right of people with disabilities to be able to choose where, how and with whom you want to live and support their family members plan in “under us” a peaceful “after us”.

Following the severe pandemic crisis that has affected us all in all areas of our privacy and community life, Anffas’ role has been fundamental at all levels in supporting, informing and supporting people with disabilities, families and operators. the different and complex, often dramatic, phases of the pandemic itself. The work that Anffas has done in collaboration with the various responsible institutions and with the world of communication and information was and is particularly important and certainly contributes both to improving the quality and enforcement of the various laws and to promoting a spacious and modern culture. on disability.

In this perspective, the SAI (Reception and Information Desk), which is present and active in the vast majority of Anffas in the area, plays a fundamental role in guiding, supporting and informing all disabled citizens and their family members, including those who are not. associated with Anffas, to free ourselves from the complex bureaucracy that often prevents us from knowing and achieving what is rightful.

And it is thanks to the funds raised with the 5×1000 destination in Anffas that we can still guarantee the presence of the SAI branch network and the development of the IT system “Ecological matrices and supports“(Already available in version 3.0) on Life Projects. At the same time, thanks to this resource, there are several activities in the local Anffas, which are able to support e.g. leisure management, holiday stays, socialization activities, fitness centers for autonomy and independent / interdependent life without which life for people with disabilities would be even more difficult than it already is.

Other significant activities in the 5×1000 destination for the year 2022 are those linked to education and information initiatives aimed at adequately supporting the same disabled people and their families through an ongoing process of empowermentto allow them to do so be fully aware of their rights and be able to request them in person

collectability. At the same time, everything is contributing to affirm the right to self-determination, self-representation, active participation and inclusion in one’s social contexts.

To assign 5×1000 to Anffas, simply go to the dedicated page on Anffas Nazionales website and identify the Anffas reality to which you want to allocate your 5×1000 to by inserting the corresponding tax code (here the list) on your tax return and adding the signature .

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