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Water games for children: garden water games and educational games. Water guns, garden slides, news to buy online

Water games for children

As soon as summer approaches and schools close, our children come hopelesslyand attracted to the water. It will be that with the great heat even it home afternoons they become less boring if you start playing with water, it becomes if you have a terrace or one Garden the temptation to give our children water games to cool off and have fun becomes irresistible, no doubt water games for children is among the best-selling products, both online and in toy stores. So we went in search of the best water games on Amazon, selects our favorites, but also the best sellers and those who have received the best reviews from customers. We remind you that members of the Amazon Prime program receive the product at home the day after purchase and do not pay for shipping. It’s easy to sign up for Prime: Just go to the site, activate the free trial and renew for € 3.99 per person. month.

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The garden’s water slide

Kids love to suck and glide in the water. Lots of fun, so with this garden water slide that is one of the best selling and best reviewed products on Amazon. It is a 7.5 m long super slide that can be easily connected to the irrigation hose (connection piece included).

PRO: it’s a very long and spectacular slide, adding a little bit of sapin becomes very fun and super smooth. Be careful to place it on a flat surface without pebbles.

AGAINST: some customers declare it a bit fragile.

Water games: our favorites

Water guns, spray games and the classic water balloon!

Water balloons

Nothing beats the funniest water balloon fights. In this set we find 333 elastic and comfortable balloons to tie, made of biodegradable natural latex, hard to crack.

PRO: they fill up easily, just put them in a bucket full of water.

AGAINST: one customer found fewer balloons.

Water guns

A pack of 4 small water guns for little hands, perfect for an afternoon of playing with friends! Very easy to use and handy, each water gun can hold up to 90cc of water, can blow water up to 6 meters.

Squid shower

A fun squid-shaped garden sprinkler that sprays water to keep kids entertained and cool off on balmy afternoons. Made of environmentally friendly ABS material. environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Due to the different water pressure, the jet height is also different. The height increases with the pressure.

Water table

An educational water toy: The mix-and-match pieces introduce science learning to preschoolers in a fun way. Contains 13 replaceable hoses, fittings, faucets and three cute accessories: a boat, a glass of water and a funnel. Create endless combinations with similar tubes.

Pools and water mats

We close with garden pools for children and play mats for the summer.

Spray Play Mat: an educational water game

L ‘sprinklers for children It is more than a water toy, it is also a fun and educational inflatable swimming pool for children. Kids can learn the alphabet, animals and letters while having fun. The vibrant colors and designs capture the attention of the little ones and stimulate their growth. Made of environmentally friendly ABS material. environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Due to the different water pressure, the jet height is also different. The height increases with the pressure. Simply connect the water mat sprinkler to a garden hose or PVC hose, simply adjust the water pressure to lower or increase the spray height.

PRO: a shallow pool to cool off and let the kids play, excellent value for money.

AGAINST: take care of water consumption.

The best-selling water mat

Perfect for children, but also for dogs, this pool with sprayer gives splashes up to one and a half meters high.

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