Via del Mare and the houses to be demolished: “We want to know where we end up”

In the yellow circle the building in via Indipendenza next to which the route to Via del Mare passes

Those who live in the building in via Indipendenza, affected by the route, want certainty

VIAREGGIO. Along the route that was to complete Via del Mare, called a long penetration axis, there is not only the bottleneck – in the figurative sense of the term – in the former Fervet area, owned by the founder of Overmarine Group Giuseppe Balducci, and as the municipal administration intends to expropriate. There is also another “bottleneck”.

The other node

We are talking about the future demolition of one of the buildings in via Indipendenza: it should be eliminated, according to the hypothesis of the route of completion of the artery, which was approved by the city council in 2017, then presented to the city and today under evaluation – out from a point of view on urban planning and environmental impact – by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Pisa.

The denial

After a long time spent on the derailment, the apartment returns to the center. Those who have lived in that building for decades did not like the comments of the Darsena Committee on Territory and Environment, which recently at a meeting dedicated to the media – welcomed what to the committee seemed to be an acceleration towards the implementation of the missing area. from the penetration axis – he argued that the municipal administration “has a hypothesis of agreement with almost all the families” about a housing-compensating solution. “Not so – clears the field of misunderstandings Michele Landi, resident of the building that was to be leveled – It has been years since the layout was publicly presented that we have not received inquiries from the municipal administration.”

Where we are

For Via del Mare, an artery designed to serve shipbuilding (but not only), to become a reality, the section that reaches the harbor from the roundabout via Delle darsene / via Nicola Pisano via Salvatori is missing. In a slightly hasty way, between the roundabout in via the Delle darsene – which the artery reaches when it comes to the Cotone exit from the motorway – and the sea there is: the Balducci family’s former Fervet area, via the Indipendenza, Pineta di Levante – before for which the route south of the Stadium is expected to pass – then Darsena. Let’s stop along the Indipendenza. Here at number 45, there is the condominium to be toppled. It is the building that “borders” the dirt path that marks the entrance to the Pineta, and which continues until it meets – perpendicular – viale dei Tigli. There are nine apartments “where there are eight families who own the individual homes and one tenant – describes Landi – We are talking about families who have lived here for decades, for thirty, forty, fifty years”.

Where are we

“We wonder how the Doll Committee can support – says Landi – that the municipal administration has found an agreement with us. We have known nothing since 2017, when there was a public meeting to illustrate the route to complete the penetration axis; and we have not had contact with the municipal administration since January 2018, when Commissioner of Public Works Federico Pierucci and Deputy Mayor Valter Alberici told us that every family would get a new apartment. I add – Landi continues – that these assurances only came into words, and that in these five years no one from the municipal administration has come with us, either to update us or to have our apartments assessed.

Stamped papers

Previously, residents in via Indipendenza would also have requested a meeting with the Del Ghingaro junta, but without ever getting it. In the meantime, they have equipped themselves by resorting to the administrative court in Tuscany and challenging the municipality’s town planning regulations in the part that provides for the passage of the artery next to their building. So far, the appeal is also pending because there is currently a hypothesis about a route with green light from the city council, but there is still no project.

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