“Sport Science Outsiders Origins, history, culture”: the new book by Giacomo Catalani

“Sport Science Outsiders The Origin, History, Culture” is a book that covers various topics such as: Business of Sport, Politics of Sport, Science of Sport, Doping, School, Training, Research and Innovation.

The author – Giacomo Catalani – tells the story of a revolt – in the wake of a technological revolution – to confirm the value of motor science, prevention and discipline improvement.

A story that crosses continents and different perspectives, connected by short anecdotal stories full of curiosity and by a message that opens the doors to a new era and a new league of professionals.

22 years on the basketball court as a player, 12 years as a physical trainer and over a decade at the head of a group that has contributed to research and professional growth of many specialists, in the health and sports sector. The unusual path that characterized Giacomo Catalani’s career is the same that characterizes the leadership style with which he guided ATS up to the hypertechnological sportscience.com platform.

Culture, identity, creativity, innovation and organizational restructuring, a direct and pragmatic approach, aimed at spreading the pedagogical and scientific value of sport and physical training.

Throughout the story of the turbulent upheavals that determined the successes and failures of this company, the conceptual cores that are useful in understanding the scientific approach to sport and health are addressed, as well as analyzing the political and economic implications.

I could have written this book only by going in depth, touching unpleasant and often hot topics, but I’m not afraid to burn my hands, so I started from the beginning and I did. Putting the reasoning, the discoveries and the knowledge on paper that led to the birth of ATS up to the sports science.

To tell the background, the negotiations, the science, the technology, the successes and failures that have characterized this business so far, along with many political and economic implications that should be of public interest, as well as for all health professionals and sports.

The effect that ATS has had in the last 10 years of history and the disruptive effect that Sport Science has marked from the very beginning is driven by the same culture that we share with books and training, and which today inspires many to the discipline improvement. An authentic approach to discovery, unscrupulous, unconditional and generated by the curiosity of an endless search.

I have always considered it absurd to observe the scenario in the world of sports and motor science without asking questions.

“Scientific” primary prevention plays a crucial role in the lives of all of us, why is it not at the heart of educational programs? And why is it not in the interest of the health system to promote it? Why is sport the bottom line in the school context? What is sport for politics? And what part of the equipment are sports and exercise scientists? What is the value of doping in the sport? What is science, philosophy of science and the scientific method?

These and many other questions that from the beginning have motivated me to seek out, meet professionals, scientists and researchers with whom I have conducted research and shared a path that has led to sensational and out-of-the-box discoveries, combined with science and technology, to create a growth platform that certifies the value of sports and motor science professionals, and spreads the same culture of improvement that we share in ATS.

I have covered these topics through the history of events which has characterized this business so far, including the famous negotiation of the scientemotorie.com domain, a story that over the years has often been asked of me and which I still find ironic“.







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