School, record tuition requests: what is the average price for families?

Repetition, what is the average price for Italian families for the quality of their children’s education?

Seeking outside help to tackle an exam that the basics know a little about. Never before this year, in the light of Maturity, fifth grade students strongly expressed the need to be supported in the preparation of the final exams..

Repetitions, the study on the cost of

According to one study conducted by | – leading platform in Italy for finding private lessons online and offline – on a sample of 500 high school students approaching state exams, only 1 in 2 clearly said that they do not need support, convinced that they can easily do it on their own.

Everyone else had already sought cover or was seriously considering whether to do so. In addition, there are already during the school year 22% of high school students surveyed said they were “forced” to have their family expand their wallets to attend private lessons. In addition, a further 18%, who managed to manage for free with friends, parents and relatives who have taken on the role of supervisor.

School representatives

But given that maturity is on the way, about 1 in 4 mature even these days are being supported by a tutor to refine the preparation. Although we should say “at least” a quarter because the numbers could be much higher. It all depends on what so the 27% will have done, who, while declaring their desire to help themselves with private repetitions to go to the exam with greater certainty, still did not know if they would be able to do them (for economic, logistical reasons, etc.).

But those who believe that it is first and foremost the return of written samples – after the end of the two-year period 2020-2021, when the maturity due to the pandemic was reduced to a “maxi-oral” – is the big bugbear. of high school students. For the frightening, the study as a whole and its traditional structure is complete, at least in form. In fact, one has to point the finger at the aspect to be “treated” through repetitions, as many as 1 interviewee out of 2 indicated all the tests equally.

The anxiety of the oral interview

However, it can not be hidden that the scriptures – especially the “address”, probably the most complex – arouse a bit of fear: for 23%, the second test is the one that should be considered more during private lessons, as soon as 5% receive help to the written Italian or equally on both collective tests.

But there are also those who, despite this time in the standard and not the “maxi” version, still dread the oral interview at first: about 1 in 5 repetitions use them to review school programs and “simulate” so as much as possible last question.

And then we must not forget that the exam must get there: In order to be admitted, you must achieve passing in all subjects, even if the teaching staff in theory could tolerate even a shortcoming, but only one.

The difficulty trio: Mathematics, science and foreign languages

So as we have seen, there are those who have already resorted to repetition in recent months, above all to close their gaps in the various topics, not just in the addresses. It is therefore not surprising that the podium for the most popular disciplines among those who have taken private tuition sees mathematics in the first position (75% have taken lessons in this subject), in the second position the sciences in general (38%), and foreign languages ​​( ie for 19%).

Unfortunately, in fact, even this year, there were no difficulties. Which was often of a “structural” type: Only 14% point to the reason for resorting to repetition due to lack of personal commitment. All the others point to father, to learning difficulties despite good will, to teachers who are considered unprepared or absent for extended periods. In the end, the bill is high: Considering the school year as a whole, the estimated average spending budget per capita is family, based on the information from the interviewed students, in the order of 376 euros per. family.

“Where the school does not arrive, private repetitions come to the rescue to support the high school students’ preparation. This year more than before. In fact, the state exams in almost standard format are back, but at the same time, the students have returned in three particularly difficult years due to the pandemic and the frequent use of father or quarantine. Thus, it has not always been possible to ensure continuity in teaching due to the discontinuous presence of teachers and students.

And then the families drew on the home budget: a quarter of graduates took private lessons during the school year, and the same number do so these days, with a estimated average annual expenditure of almost 380 euros per student“, Concludes Marco Sbardella, head of the portal |

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