Scala, 25 graduates from the Ballet School. With the thought of Loreta Alexandrescu. VIDEO

The final exam was held in the Ansaldo laboratories for the students of the eighth course, who thus reached the end of their studies, particularly difficult by two years of pandemic. “They are ready as soon as 18-year-olds, they can join a dance troupe and already fill the lead roles,” emphasizes director Olivieri. Finally, a tribute to Loreta Alexandrescu, historical teacher at the school who died prematurely, to whom a scholarship will also be dedicated

Asia, Anna, Matilde, Lorenzo, Vincenzo. There are 25 students from the Ballet School at the Teatro alla Scala Academy who have completed their studies and reached the diploma. One road, theirs, became very difficult by two years of pandemic, which forced them to continuous stops and inevitably reduced activity on stage, but did not affect their preparation and their desire to get on stage. “They are ready immediately, at 6 pm they are ready to join the dance troupe. To make the soloists and also the lead roles. It is a job that I undertake to give them every year ”, emphasizes the director of the Ballet School Frédéric Olivieri.

The jury

To judge them, next to the director Olivieri and to the school’s faculty (Jean-Philippe Halnaut, Walter Madau, Leonid Nikonov, Tatiana Nikonova, Giulia Rossitto, Elisa Scala, Emanuela Tagliavia, Maurizio Vanadia, Paola Vismara), this year étoile was present Oriella Dorella, Manuel LegrisDirector of the Corps de Ballet in the Teatro alla Scala e Ivan Liškadirector of the Bayerisches Junior Ballet in Munich.
“I advise these guys to study, always to look for the best, never to collapse. And since it’s a life a bit like Marines, the dancers, to enjoy life a little because it’s very beautiful,” is the message, as étoile Oriella Dorella caters to the new professionals.

Tribute to Loreta Alexandrescu


Scala, dancers and teachers are educated at the Academy. VIDEO

During the exam, which took place in the magnificent scenery of Ansaldo Laboratories, the young dancers, after performing the classical-academic dance lesson, interpreted variations taken from the most important ballets in the classical and contemporary repertoire (such as Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Raymonda, Paquita, La Bayadère, Le Corsaire, Coppelia, La Sylphide, The Nutcracker, Esmeralda, Larmes Blancher, Cendrillon, Romeo and Juliet, Alternating Steps) with the choreography of yesterday’s and today’s masters such as Petipa, Lifar, Vainonen, Balanchine, Perrot, Gorsky, Bournonville, Preljocaj, Marin, Cunningham, Levaggi.
Finally, a tribute to the memory of Loreta Alexandrescu, history teacher and pillar of the school who died prematurely in February last year. The choreography The knotabout music of the Jewish tradition Klezmer and with a fragment of a poem by David Ben Hasin (Jewish poet from 1700), created by Emanuela Tagliavia and inspired by two works of art by Elena Ceretti Stein, contemporary artist and daughter of Alexandrescu: The knot (hence the title of the work) is a sculpture consisting of simple intertwined tree branches and Shapiraerne, a painting that portrays two young people sitting next to each other as if waiting for contact.

Loreta Alexandrescu’s teachings

Elena Ceretti Stein thus remembers her mother’s dedication to teaching: “She tried to find each student’s qualities and bring them out, to make each student shine without flattening everyone at the same level. He knew how to get the most out of everyone. A great ability and intuition that she also had as a mother. For example, she never tried to make me a dancer because she understood that it was not my way.

Loreta Alexandrescu has trained generations of dancers and lead dancers, and in an unpublished interview from 2019, she had told Sky TG24 that she remembers all her students. “Strange … I also remember the shape of the legs,” he said, smiling. Then he would emphasize the importance of studying and daily lessons, even when becoming a professional, as today he is his students on the eighth course, which he has prepared for the last. “The pliéen is always a pliéen. The slaughter dude is always the slaughter dude, but it depends on how you do it and you can do it well, you can do it wrong, or you can do it better. Every day we are different and there is always a growth and a development that starts from the bar and arrives in the center. And then, when they are adults and come on stage, it will all depend on how they handled the plie and the beaten tendu ”. Words that today will remain in the hearts of her students, like all the teaching she has given them over the years.

The 25 newly graduated students and the scholarship


Scala, Akademigalla with Roberto Bolle. A 20 year long dream

The 25 candidates are: Emma Broglia, Denisa Bzhetaj, Alice Demichelis, Giulia Fanti, Anna Letizia Joly, Luna Jusic, Asia Matteazzi, Virginia Meneguzzo, Matilde Pupita, Syria Vincenzi, Anna Zingoni, Giacomo Ammazzini, Mirko Andreutti, Gabriel Salvatore Butti, Gabriel Salvatore Butti Calò, Gianmanuel D’Elia, Mario Elefante, Giorgio Guerrieri, Lorenzo Lelli, Federico Matteini, Luca Novello, Luigi Peragine, Lorenzo Poggianti, Vincenzo Romano, Andrea Tozza.
To lead them to the diploma of classical-academic dance were the teachers Maurizio Vanadia, deputy principal of the school, who followed the female class in continuation of Loreta Alexandrescu’s work, and Jean-Philippe Halnaut and, for modern-modern dance, Emanuela Tagliavia.

The academy also wanted to dedicate scholarships to Loreta Alexandrescu to students from Dance departmentsthanks to the new online section of the institutional website dedicated to donations (DONER NOW), as part of the first digital fundraising campaign “Help them dream”.

Photo: Annachiara Di Stefano

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