Rotary project on Iblea culture API

Saturday, June 11, 2022, was an interesting day dedicated to the study of “bees.” Thanks to the Rotary Club of Palazzolo “Valle dell’Anapo” and President Avvocato Sebastiano Infantino, the 1st Rotary Bee Day was organized: Bier Iblea culture, in collaboration with Palazzolo Acreide Municipality, Department of Health and Tourism. The day, which began around 11 o’clock in the morning, was dedicated to the protection and protection of bees from the perspective of the initiated project this year by “Rotary District 2110”.

Educational exhibitions on the subject beer

The morning was dedicated to these important insects with outdoor teaching exhibitions, observation glass dormitories, tastings of typical honey candy, entertainment for children in the former library space and in the town hall monastery. Michele Barbagallo, beekeeper in the presence of adults and children explained the functionality of various tools and equipment used to breed bees and to extract honey. He then explained the different uses of honey from nutrition to cosmetics.

The conference on bees and honey

In the afternoon around kl. 18.00 began a cycle of conferences dedicated to bees, honey and products made from honey and wax. The speakers pointed out the importance of bees in our ecosystem and in daily nutrition. There was also talk of thyme honey, which is a completely hilarious excellence. Finally, there was the projection of the work done, after a project by students from first-class high school classes in the Istituto Comprensivo Vincenzo Messina participating in the SOS Api competition.

Conference organized by Rotary of Palazzolo Acreide (photo Santoro)

The meeting between different personalities

The meeting was moderated by journalist Federica Puglisi, who gave the floor to the chairman of Rotary Avv. Sebastiano Infantino, who explained how Rotary had previously involved schools to make children understand the importance of protecting the bees and honey they produce. “We want to raise awareness, says Infantino, about the community about the fact that honey in Palazzolo and in Iblei is an important food that has always been produced. A student from the Palazzolese school, Vincenzo Di Conti, then read his work on “Bier”.

SOS API provision

Mattia Branciforti, Chair of the SOS API Committee “Rotary District 2110”, said that Governor De Bernardis had emphasized the issue of the environment. The Governor of Rotary District 2021 wanted to propose three projects they were the leitmotif of the Rotarian activity, namely planting trees, SOS Api and rebuilding environments in some territories.

“The Doctrine of Honey: Bees and Children”

Letizia Crescimone, beekeeper, talked about raising awareness about bees and about protecting biodiversity, which is crucial to our The bees take care of the pollination and thanks to this the flowers and plants continue to regenerate. None of themIn recent years, bees have declined in number due to the climate and pesticides. So we try to protect and promote the protection of these insects, which are very useful for humans and the environment.

Conference on bees in Rotary Val D'Anapo
Conference on bees organized by Rotary (photo Santoro)

“Distillate of honey and ancient stories, of pure flavors and ancient Greek traditions”

Dr. Paolo Rametta is the owner of the Monterbe distillery and told about his honey distillate. He made a historic excursion both in terms of breeding bees in Hyblaean, whose honey was considered the food of theI, both about adult. In addition, he recalled as a testimony that in Akrai there was “Spiritu ri meli e di cira”, a ritual that took place in three days in honor of Core, who was kidnapped by Jupiter and found by his mother Demeter. And finally, he described his distillate, which received an international award, which placed it first.

“The Importance of Honey in Nutrition and the Mediterranean Diet”

Doctor Angelo Giudice explained the human body, proteins, good and bad fats. In addition, the doctor stressed the importance of the Mediterranean diet, which is a lifestyle. At the bottom of the food pyramid are vegetables, fruits and grains. But the importance of honey in the diet is such because it is rich in vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin C and calories not harmful to the body. Finally, Sebastiano Milluzzo, who is a beekeeper, emphasized the importance of bees in the human biological cycle.

Anthropology of honey

Dr. Luigi Lombardo, Ethno-anthropologist mentioned Antonino Uccello, who in his 1976 book explains the honey culture and some wax in the Hyblean area. Lombardo then dealt with the subject from an anthropological point of view.

Conclusions of Governor De Bernardis

Governor Gaetano De Bernardis concluded work by saying that Rotary has launched two projects, tree planting and SOS Api, projects that have been satisfactorily completed. In fact, the number of trees to be planted in the beginning has been exceeded. He then urged Rotary not to stop just talking, but to do, do and do.

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