Reggio, Metropolitan Summer 2022 starts: three months of music, art and culture

The calendar of events scheduled for “Estate Metropolitana 2022” was presented this morning in the library room of the Palazzo “Corrado Alvaro”. A rich program of shows consisting of 75 events that will mark the summer season, which from June to September (two events are also scheduled for December) involves the entire Reggio area in the name of culture, music and quality entertainment. The details of the initiative were illustrated by the acting mayor of Metropolitan City, Carmelo Versace and by the city council member delegated to Culture, Filippo Quartuccio during a press conference, which was also attended by the Head of Sector 2 in Metropolitan City, Giuseppina Attanasio and the Reggio Calabria Municipal Council for Culture and Tourism, Irene Calabrò, which highlighted the fruitful synergy between the municipality and the capital city on the cultural program front.

Metropolitan City strongly wanted to characterize this event program by focusing on empowering local artists and promoting entertainment activities related to the municipal administrations that made a request in connection with the public announcement that expired on March 25th. “These are events – Quartuccio explains – ranging from dance, to music, to theater, which generally include forms of expression linked to art and culture.. The central and central element that animates the entire program is the strong push towards relaunching local talent. Artists from our territory who make their skills and artistic gifts a source of pride for our territory and that it is the specific duty of the institutions to make the most of it. A goal that this metropolitan administration has put at the center of the work agenda dedicated to culture, with the aim of restarting a sector, the entertainment sector, which is coming from a very difficult period. To achieve all this – added the representative of Palazzo Alvaro – there was an important and tiring program, for which I must thank the sector offices, which have worked tirelessly and with great attention to ensure that the cultural offer contained in this long and well-formulated calendar, could be of absolute quality “.

Recovering the lost normality of the last two years after the pandemic emergency is another element that identifies Metropolitan Summer 2022, the acting mayor Versace noted, emphasizing that “the authority has simply done what was right and proper, only by use its own resources, in a time of serious suffering for the cultural sector and in particular for entertainment, and for this I would like to thank Councilor Quartuccio, the other delegates and, of course, the offices headed by the Executive Attanasio. we have made every effort to close in advance a calendar of events involving around seventy municipal administrations, for a financial investment of over 300 thousand euros and the main person of the associations and initiators of our territory. A path that not only looks at the entertainment sector, of course, but also at all the related activities that gravitate around it, let’s e.g. think of the hotel and catering sector. Estate Metropolitana – added Versace – also wants to be a message aimed at the local entrepreneurial and productive drug that we say invests with confidence and enthusiasm in a territory like the one in Reggio that shows lasting signs of vitality, which is eager to to restart, and he is full of great artistic and organizational abilities. “

In the near future, Versace finally concluded, “we will announce the second program of initiatives and events dedicated exclusively to the 50th anniversary of the Riace Bronzes. which in turn will see our municipalities fully involved in the event calendar dedicated to the two bronze masterpieces.

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