Part time for DSGA, regulatory analysis

We propose a regulatory study on a topic of great interest to the category of directors of general and administrative services at educational institutions, that is, the possibility of requesting the conversion of the employment contract from full-time to part-time.

Based on clarifying DSGA’s role and the proposed part-time provisions, we analyze the legal basis set out in the law and by the national collective agreement to shed light on the issue and the rationale behind the explicit exclusion of DSGA figure from the possibility of operating part-time.

DSGA’s role in the school.

DGSA plays a crucial role in educational institutions with an immediate impact on the functionality of the services provided as well as on their efficiency and effectiveness.

In fact, he performs work of considerable complexity and with external relevance:

  • It oversees the general administrative accounting services with operational autonomy and manages their organization by performing functions such as coordinating, promoting activities and verifying the results achieved with regard to the objectives assigned and the addresses of ATA staff, located directly below it;
  • Independently organizes ATA staff activities within school principal directives;
  • Assigns ATA staff, as part of the activity plan, tasks of an organizational nature and performance that exceed the mandatory hours when necessary;
  • It performs training, preparation and formalization of administrative and accounting documents with operational autonomy and direct responsibility;
  • is a delegated official and notary officer;
  • is the recipient of the movables;
  • performs research and preparation of plans and programs that require specific professional specialization, with independent determination of the training and implementation processes.
  • It can perform guidance, updating and training tasks for the staff.

The part-time schemes.

For ATA staff, part-time employment relationships can be established in schools at all levels and educational institutions by employing or transforming full-time relationships at the request of staff, up to a maximum of 25% of the provincial staffing of the areas with full-time staff within the maximum annual expenditure limits. provided for by the staff themselves.

The part-time employment relationship must follow from a written contract and must include an indication of the duration of the work effort. The employee must contact the school head.

Part time can be performed:

  • with articulation of the reduced service on all working days (horizontal part-time);
  • with articulation of the service on certain days of the week, in the month or during certain periods of the year (vertical part-time), to an extent which respects the average duration of the weekly work provided for part-time during the time period taken into account (week, month or year);
  • with articulation of the service resulting from the combination of the two methods set out in points (a) and (b) (mixed part-time), as required by Decree – Law 25.02.2000, n. 61.

Horizontal part-time employees are entitled to a number of vacation days and canceled holidays corresponding to full-time employees. Vertical part-time employees are entitled to a number of days in proportion to the working days of the year. The relative remuneration is in proportion to the duration of the work effort.

It should be noted here that the employee has no right to convert his employment contract to part-time: it is actually up to the administration to give it, assesses the possibility in a discretionary manner in relation to any prejudices that he would have in relation to the functionality of ‘The body.

DSGA and part-time.

According to art. 58 of the CCNL School Section 2006-2009: “In schools of all types and levels and educational institutions, part-time employment relationships can be established by employing or transforming full-time relationships at the request of staff, […] with the exclusion of the qualification for DSGA“.

The rule therefore makes it clearly impossible for DSGA to apply for and obtain conversion of the employment relationship to part-time.

The contract rule is legitimate because it operates in accordance with Art. 73 of Legislative Decree No. 112 of 2008 amended to Act No. 133 of 2008, which attributes to the authorization of part-time employees a discretionary assessment of the public administration in relation to the impact on the functionality of the services provided.

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