Palacongressi Rimini: Foyer B for 3 days becomes Spazio 71

For three days, from today to Wednesday, foyer B is part Rimini Conference Center for the Italian Exhibition Group becomes Place 71. It is set up by sixteen students from the course Graphic design 3 by LABA in Rimini (Free Academy of Fine Arts) and eight interactive installations with the theme of death and rebirth will be the main characters, tackled in different ways, while in the background is Rimini, the city where students live to attend their courses.

The inauguration will take place on June 13 at 17:00, and SPAZIO 71 will be open to the public until Wednesday evening.

“The association between Palacongressi in Rimini and the artistic expressions that emerge from the territory is consolidating – says Fabio De Santis, director of the Event & Conference division of IEG – in the wake of a city that has taken this perspective with determination. Other times are the foyer has been enriched with artistic installations, in addition to the Convivio room, which has hosted exhibitions as part of the Perlarte project.This time, it is the students from the Rimini Academy who bring the reading of the city that hosts them, in a space that welcomes people by vocation and facilitates them in sharing knowledge. The installations are intriguing, the theme of rebirth is combined with a vision that unites us in this time. “

The installations suggest a Rimini to be modeled and discovered in the past, a Rimini that is home. The work started from a comparison between students and the management of Palacongressi, a real study of the history of the city of Rimini, to highlight the fluctuations given by the alternation between flourishing periods and decline, which has encouraged the city to recover. and be reborn from your own ashes like a phoenix.

The latter is a key symbol of the project, useful for emphasizing the experience of the city, which, thanks to the people who live and animate it, has always managed to regenerate itself in various forms towards a prosperous future.

The name, SPAZIO 71, derives from the analysis of the symbolism of the phoenix. In ancient Egypt, the phoenix was identified with the Roman numeral LXXI, 71. This number was the union of 7 and 1; the first of them indicates the ashes, the death, the last day, while the number One indicates the birth, the beginning, the life. The word space was then added to recall the world of art and the exhibition space in which the exhibition itself takes place.

In SPAZIO 71, the installations therefore want to track and reinterpret these fluctuations in the city, show them and have them interpret them further by each and every spectator. The course in Graphic Design 3 is led by Professor Andrea Cavallotti and consists of students: Chiara Badiali, Bontempi Nicolas, Cirio Anna, Croatti Sara, Dimnaku Elisa, Delvecchio Federica, Fralleone Luca, Gaggiotti Melissa, Galeri Alice, Girelli Riccardo, Giuliani Sonia, Massa Davide , Menghini Simona, Rosati Laura, Semeraro Micaela, Zannoli Licia.


The Free Academy of Fine Arts in Rimini has been active since 2001 and has been authorized since 2016 to activate courses in fashion design, graphic design, multimedia, design and photography at headquarters, in addition to the publication of the related academic diplomas at first level.

LABA RIMINI within the Italian university panorama is configured as a Department of Higher Artistic Education with a European and international scope.

The headquarters of the Free Academy of Arts in Rimini is between the historic center and the railway station, it offers its students a structure complete with all the multimedia and artistic tools needed to learn the academic disciplines.

Three other offices located in the historic center of the city of Rimini; The Graphic Modeling Laboratory adjacent to the Malatesta Temple, with instruments dedicated to the creation and launch of graphic material; The photo laboratory is built as a study, development and post-production laboratory and space for theoretical lessons; a study room for LABA Rimini students and two large classrooms are located inside the university residence.

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