None! Finnish court has not ruled that sex with children is “allowed”

Circulate it screenshot of an English-language article claiming that the Finnish court ruled that sex between adults and children is “permissible”. There is no link to the “news”, suggesting that “normalization of pedophilia” is underway in Finland, which effectively prevents readers from confirming in any way. The news is fake and was spread by a website already known by the fact-checking community, while it is strange that it appears in a period when Finland is trying to join NATO, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and during Pride- month (remember that one of the accusations against the LGBTQ + world is pedophilia).

For those who are busy

  • In Finland, adults are not allowed to have sex with children under 16 years of age.
  • The Finnish judges in no way “allowed” sex between adults and children.
  • The story concerned a case in 2018 in which a man was convicted of abuse. The prosecution asked for a conviction for rape, but in the absence of evidence, the judges did not change the verdict.
  • Following the case, the Finnish government presented a bill in February 2022 in which it wishes to consider any sexual relationship between adults and minors as “rape”.


Here is one of the posts that shares both the text and the image regarding the “Finnish court”, both from the Telegram channel Info Nesh:

The Finnish court ruled that sex with children is “allowed”. Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled that sex with 10-year-olds is not “rape” if one comes from a culture where sex between adults and children is “normal”. “..

[Loro] they try to normalize pedophilia, so when they are exposed, they are released from justice …

The story also spread via Twitter, as we can see from disclosure from user Fabio:

The Finnish court allows sex with girls aged 10 and over as long as they have grown up with this culture. Do you understand what the LGBTP + agenda is about and why teach sex in primary schools? They try to eliminate pedophilia in every way.

The origin

The shared image is a screenshot of a 2018 article from the site Newspunch entitled “The Finnish court rules sex with children is ‘permitted'”. This is fake news, as the Finnish court never allowed this.

Based on the fact that in Finland it is forbidden for an adult to have sexual relations with a child under the age of 16, the story is about a process that is so controversial that the institutions themselves change the legislation, but beware: It has happened a judgment!

No permission, there was a sentence (with a “but”)

The story, told by the Finnish media Yle News, concerned the case of a man – an asylum seeker – accused of having had sexual intercourse with a 10-year-old girl in 2016. Convicted of sexual abuse, but on the charge he had asked the Supreme Court to impose a more severe punishment for rape. During the trial, the courts found that there was no evidence to confirm the act of violence.

What happened next

Following the outrage over the affair, the Council of Europe had asked Finland to revise its laws on sexual harassment. With the election of Sanna Marin, in February 2022, the Finnish government presented a bill aimed at extending the scope of the rape crime relative to the current one. In fact, the proposal states that a minor cannot consent to sexual intercourse with an adult, which is why any sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 16 should be considered rape.

A “smart” page, but not too much

The site, the one that spread the fake news, used to have a different name: YourNewsWire. As Poynter reports, the domain in a 2019 article had been changed in an attempt to escape factual verification.


The Finnish court has in no way ruled that sex between an adult and a minor is “permissible” or that it is “normal”. The man accused of having an affair with a minor had been convicted of assault, but the court denied the request to convict him of rape. In Finland, it is forbidden for adults to have sexual intercourse with children under the age of 16, and the current administration has proposed a new law, introduced in February 2022, to consider any sexual intercourse between an adult and a child under the age of 16 as rape.

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