Musicultura, there is also Branduardi among the guests at Sferisterio

MACERATA – The concert on the first night of the final, June 24. Litfiba, Ditonellapiaga, DakhaBrakha, Violons Barbares will also go on stage

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Angelo Branduardi

Angelo Branduardi will be among the guests at Musicultura, his name being added to the large and varied artistic cast in the XXXIII edition of the Festival of Popular Songs and Author Songs. The final evenings of the event, in media partnership with Rai, are scheduled at the Sferisterio in Macerata on June 24 and 25 and will be conducted by Enrico Ruggeri and Veronica Maya.

The beloved “minstrel” of Italian and international music performs at the Sferisterio on the opening night, v.on June 24 with Litfiba, Ditonellapiaga, DakhaBrakha, Violons Barbares and the eight winning artists in the competition. The 2,400 spectators at Sferisterio will be able to actively express their preferences with their faces and take a stand on the four proposals in the competition that will have access to the final on Saturday.

The eight winners of Musicultura 2022 are: Cassandra Raffaele (Vittoria RG), Emit (Lodi), Isotta (Siena), Martina Vinci (Genoa), Themorbelli (Alessandria), Y0 (Ravenna), Yosh Whale (Salerno) and Valeria Sturba ( Bologna).

On Saturday, June 25, in the finale of the XXXIII edition of the festival, performances by Manuel Agnelli, Silvana Estrada, Gianluca Grignani, Ilaria Pilar Patassini, Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra will follow each other on the Sferisterio stage, the one by Icelandic artist will be the only Italian performance in 2022.

The ranks of the competition will also be drawn: at the end of a very long selection, which began with 2,086 proposals, the public in the Sferisterio will return to vote for among the four artists left in the race, to choose the absolute winner of Musicultura 2022, to which goes 20,000 euros from the Banca Macerata Award, the bank close to young people and the local area, which is the event’s main partner.

Angelo Branduardi performs in duo with Maestro Fabio Valdemarin and returns to Musicultura after crossing his extraordinary artistic path with the festival’s path several times before.

“In the abundance of the fleeting that surrounds us, we feel a great need for artists with vision and soul, among these the name Angelo Branduardi stands out – said the artistic director Ezio Nannipieri – Angelo has never betrayed his calling as an acute experimenter, open to international horizons, original in exploring and merging music from different eras, always in the service of art and poetry. For too long, Angelo had disappeared from the Musicultura scene, we are happy and we are grateful to him for having answered yes to our invitation and for having done so with the kindness that characterizes him ».

The last two evenings on June 24 and 25 will be broadcast live on Rai Radio 1 and next July on Rai 2, in the TV program Musicultura Festival 2022, which will also be broadcast internationally by Rai Italia.

As for La Controra, this year there is also a preview, that is, a group of events that move the starting line a few days forward. It starts on Friday 17 June at 18.45 in the Innocenziano corridor in Sferisterio. The final phase of the XXXIII edition will be inaugurated with the ribbon-cutting of the exhibition curated by the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, which exhibits all the graphic projects created by the students on the course Graphic Design, directed by Professor Simona Castellani, for research and creation of the graphic sign for Musicultura 2022, identified at the end of the proposal by student Gabriele Falcinelli.

Following is the appointment in the Excelsior Cinema to screen the film by Pupi Avati “Friends of the Margherita bar”, as a tribute to the director, who will be a guest at La Controra the following Monday.

On Saturday 18 June, everyone who likes it will be able to meet at 21 in Colleverde, in the gardens next to the Almalù bar, to toast together at the start of Musicultura week and enjoy the atmosphere of Oneiric Folk, the suggestive musical project by Adriano Taborro, which Taborro himself with Riccardo Andrenacci, Claudio Mangialardi, Marco Lorenzetti and Luigino Pallotta will perform for the concert.

Updates on the cast of Musicultura 2022 and the complete program for La Controra are available at Tickets for the final evenings on June 24 and 25 can be purchased at the Vivaticket track and at the box office in the theaters of Piazza Mazzini in Macerata.

Ron and a tribute to Ivan Graziani, the two concerts in La Controra predict the finale of Musicultura


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