MFL 57 – Virtually genuine, design discovers a hybrid dimension

C & t, Nft work by Luca Baldocchi with Nuvola lamps by Mario Bellini, inside the virtual museum of Nemo lighting


A digital museum, an NFT work and a virtual 3D animation project. Nemo lighting was among the very first design companies to enter the intangible world with a series of experiments exploring its potential and combining the search for new forms of expression with the strengthening of talents. The first collection of non-fungible tokens of the lighting brand bears the signature of Luca Baldocchidigital artist of Sodlabstudio who dematerialized design and its icons to create works in an almost metaphysical version for the Nft collection: Not for today, also the title of the opening exhibition of the virtual museum Nemo.

A space that on the occasion of it Salone del mobile.Milano and in Design Week it has been rearranged, but it brings with it the baggage from the first experience. “The virtual museum was conceived, imagined and created as a container and a starting point for displaying our works,” he commented Federico Palazzari, CEO of Nemo lighting, «our own space, architecturally rational. Here we have put some important works done for the brand, such as the Nuvola lamp city Mario Bellini, which gives it a new sound. What really interests us about NFTs is the security of the blockchain that embeds them. These non-fungible tokens represent a powerful communication tool with dynamics as opposed to the tangible and current world, but they allow us to preserve the intellectual works produced over time and today contained in paper or digital archives, in a container, who protects them.

Nemo Lighting’s style exercise was to try to interpret a possible direction for visual art and at the same time explore how far the knowledge of an object can go if its vehicle is modified. “With this digital museum, which will continue in a more conceptual form, we have made Bellini’s work known to channels and users who otherwise would not have intercepted it. This is also a value, ”Palazzari concluded.


Chester on Apollo

A study of the design methods associated with non-fungible tokens in the luxury interior design sector is what has moved Visionary to launch, on the occasion of the last Miartplatforms Visionnaire Nft and to inaugurate it in collaboration with Jonathan Monaghan, an American artist working on the relationship between physical sculpture and 3D animation to produce objects and narratives from the more conventional contemporary language. For the brand, the artist has reinterpreted the famous sculpture of Apollo of Belvederecurrently in Vatican Museums in Rome. The bust, sculpted in Carrara marble in full size, is inspired by the capitonnè leather, which is typical of the furniture world. On the occasion of Salone del mobile, the sculpture was exhibited in Visionnaire’s Wunderkammer and put up for sale on the platform, combined with the video work Nft. The feature of this container is its low energy consumption, corresponding to 99% less than other platforms.


The circle of life

They already live between two worlds, the West and the East, and have now explored the virtual dimension thanks to a project born in Singapore. The couple Lanzavecchia + Waicomposed of Francesca Lanzavecchia And Hunn Waicreated Living Vase 01 last year, the first limited edition NFT work featuring ancient Greece and the dynasty Ming they met the technology. This “moving artifact” consists of small flower petals and synchronizes its journey with the sun. The value of Living Vase 01 stems above all from being a unique digital asset, the duration of which is ensured by belonging to a blockchain. “This work, presented in the form of a video, represents a perennial rebirth. Flowers are born, bloom, perish, and then the cycle repeats itself,” explained the Italian designer. The experiment, which was a great success, had another chapter in London tech week, for which an exhibition exclusively by Nft was conceived. For the occasion, the two creatives have created Living Vase 02, the new version of their already iconic vase.


Sitting and jumping

Pioneer in experimenting with digital art and design, the creative Andrés Reisinger in recent years, it has pushed in the direction of many countries that have become fruitful, including the NFT’s online auctions of only intangible works. The designer, with Argentine origins and a studio in Barcelona, ​​went so far in 2022 as to create a home designed exclusively for the meta-verse, Winter house, conceived in collaboration with the architect Alba de la Fuente. Among his avant-garde initiatives is also the Tangled chair, which is reminiscent of and pays homage to the iconic Ekstrem chair. Terje Ekstrem, one of the greatest examples of Norwegian postmodern design. The Reisinger session was part of The shipping, a collection of ten pieces (five also available in physical version) that can be implemented digitally in any open world, therefore in an ever-changing process. One of the most futuristic examples of a new hybrid reality. (All rights reserved)

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