MFL 57 – Giulia Delpiano and Corrado Conti ( “In Milan we find the energy of New York”

Giulia Delpiano and Corrado Conti from (photo Matteo Fotografia)

They met in New York in 2016 and never broke up again. She is an architect and he is a designer, Giulia Delpiano And Corrado Conti in 2019 they opened, studio based in Reggio Emilia, where they carry out projects dedicated above all to the housing and hotel sector. Their works flash to the decoration, which has become one of the most important characteristics of the duo, along with the attention of the customer, whose care is the basis of every thought.

How did you meet?

Giulia Delpiano. We met in New York, I had lived and worked there for six years while Corrado had just arrived. In a way, it could be said that it was fate we met in a club next to Central park where I had not stopped for a long time. That day it happened by chance that I went back, I was with my father, who had come to visit me and wanted to drink an Italian coffee …

When did you decide to work together?

GD Not now. In New York, I worked in a large studio, and after many years of sacrifice, I began to make a career. Corrado was divided between two fields: he has always been a 3D artist, he worked in hyper-realistic reproduction, created works of art related to reproductions and at the same time he also became enthusiastic about the world of bartending. When he was back in Italy, he decided to devote himself to that part of artistic management while I started performing consulting for other companies. I often needed to render, so I gradually asked him to make them. From here we then came to open in 2019.

Do you do the same things in your studio or do you share the tasks equally?

Corrado Conti. We focus on our respective competencies. Giulia is dedicated to the business part, to the relationship with the customer and to understanding what the customer wants, while I manage everything that revolves around the studio, both in terms of our partners and the people we interact with on a daily basis. We understood that the winning point is to follow the personal nature of each of us, and try to give our best in this sense.

You specialize in the areas of hospitality, housing project in real estate and especially in defining your client’s brand identity. Where do you start from?

GD And CC Right from the start, we tried to understand how we could differentiate ourselves, identify what were the strengths of a service like ours. One of the processes in this sense was to decide which customers and areas to turn to. We mainly deal with what we have learned abroad and which we have studied with great commitment, especially the hotel and luxury housing sector. What comes back from our projects is a pattern that is recognizable, we use the decoration a lot and our goal is that it is not overwhelming for those who live on the site, but instead provides well-being and tranquility through the aggregation of elements, which together have a meaning. We try to be very attentive to the customer, we are very present to understand what he wants.

You have a connection with New York and your studio is in Reggio Emilia. What do you think of Milan instead?

GD And CC We like Milan a lot. It has changed a lot in recent years, it has become a decidedly European, international city. It also helps us understand the energetic part of fibrillation that only big cities can offer and that we found in New York.

What do you present at Design Week?

GD And CC We participate in Fuorisalone with a projectUniversity which we have created for the company Cerasarda (by the group romere) study their product, a handmade pottery. We reinterpret the concepts of “time and space” and “Regeneration” through handmade and hand-painted coffee tables. We have identified four spaces, each of which represents an element of which the pottery is composed: earth, air, fire and water. From here we have interpreted the experience that man has with these substances. (All rights reserved)

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