Maria Beatrice Alonzi: “At the Service of Others to Help Them Better”

According to Maria Beatrice Alonzi Books should not be the self-analysis of the person who writes them, but something that has useful feedback to those who buy and review them. I would never give others the weight of my problems: the story must not be the author’s arm, but serve the reader. It would be rude of me to offer a self-analysis and even be paid to read it “, Alonzi tells on the phone and articulates the words with a machine gun without eating half of them. We are talking to each other on the occasion of the release of We, a word of three letterscame his first novel published by Salani after the success of The book of happiness And I do not want to please everyone anymore. While in the latter he addressed himself directly to the reader, Maria Beatrice Alonzi has this time decided to build a world of fictional characters in order to teach others something here too, especially to find the compass in a very special age, which as she writes, it gets us to stop seeing individuals as a bet to try to understand whether they will be a victory or a defeat: that in twenty years.

We, a word of three letters is actually a story of more than one generation starting with three boys, Teresa, Margherita and Carlo, describing a microcosm of bored rich people trying to become spokespersons for a sharing of young people who feel deprived of any opportunity and crushed by responsibilities and mistakes that do not belong to them. We can not tell you more for fear of spoilers, although Maria Beatrice Alonzi – who in her life besides being an author is also a business & Career Coach and former actress and director – tells us that while we talk, “the book is read by all the big production companies: I’m very happy, because it’s always been in my head to blink at the audiovisual, “adding that she would like it if the title was chosen. for a TV or movie series, be part of the creative team.

It’s not for everyone, as many writers like Paolo Cognetti and Marco Missiroli have preferred to leave a free hand to the screenwriters.
“I come from the school there, after I have already dedicated myself to producing, directing and playing. If I were a part of it, I would be happy, otherwise, if it does not happen, it would not be a problem. I understand, however, that a pure writer will have a distance to avoid damaging his product ’.

Curious that you use the adjective pure: does she feel hybrid?
“They are the outpost of hybridism. I took care of many things: as a 4-year-old I started playing and programming with the computer. In addition, I have been a singer, actress: I did everything on both sides.”

What was the first input?
“I always knew I wanted to communicate and like to do good to people: I have always been sensitive to the issue of injustice, also because of my father’s career as a carbine. Over time, however, I realized that the best expression for me was the written form. The nice thing is that when my fans meet me, they do not ask me about the picture, but they say thank you ».

Why did the scripture come so relatively late in your case?
“I started writing very early, but first I became famous and then my artistic form. Maybe that’s why writing did not develop quickly.”

My fetish for reviews made me read some of his book on Amazon. One reader wrote, “It’s a book that hurts, but it hurts that evil.”
“It’s a very painful novel that gives you a slap, gives you a head, but also a blow to the legs. Many parents tell me it’s beautiful, but then they would shut themselves in the bathroom and cry. It is an evil that is good for you because it tells you that you can take control of your life in another way ”.

You talk about facing the monsters that we usually hide under the bed.
“Convincing ourselves that we can change is nonsense: the only thing that changes us is therapy, which, however, does not really make you change, but helps you to read mechanisms that you would not otherwise would be able to read. Taking the monsters that hide under the blanket of anxiety and seeing them in the face is a good way to accept them. “

Do you think this exercise is best for those in their 20s?
“It’s the moment the world has decided you’re going to stop being a bet to be a win or a defeat. But the truth is, you’ve reached the age of twenty, even though your family from that moment on is convinced. that you will only now be responsible for what you do. “

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