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At the Italian Cultural Institute with the exhibition ‘Italian light. Sky and water ‘. From July 20 to September 14

From Fontanesi to Ciardi, from De Nittis to Previati and Morbelli, here are some of the artists who will be exhibiting in New York in the exhibition that pays homage to the representation of light in Italian landscapes in the late nineteenth and early nineties. The twentieth century. ‘Italian light. Skies and waters’, curated by the modern art consultant Marco Bertoli, is at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York from July 20 to September 14, 2022
Promoted by Professor Fabio Finotti, Director of the Institute and curated by Marco Bertoli, this is an exhibition project that aims to explore the importance of research into the representation of light in the landscape that unfolds through the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. and coincides with the development of aesthetics in many art schools ‘From the second half of the nineteenth century – confirms Marco Bertoli – the artists’ relationship to nature had changed, the painters strived to paint live, a plein air, and tried to impress the effects of light on the canvas to capture the moment, the moment, with special attention to the reproduction of the play of light, to the nuances of shadows and colors, to sudden atmospheric changes. The historical period coincides with the birth of photography, which provides an opportunity to express new views and a changed sensitivity to reality, marking a significant transition from the idea of ​​a simple view to the more complex and subjective view. .

The exhibition: light is the undisputed main character among the 24 works on display

A real journey through time, going back to the prominent stages of this transformation, and highlighting the main themes: the preference for painting from life, research dedicated to the reproduction of atmospheres and the effects of light and color. From the premises developed in the 1860s within the Resin School, which passes through the innovative experience of Macchiaiolitoscani, we arrive at the landscape with a symbolist tendency up to the birth of divisionism.
The freshness of the landscapes of Federico Rossano and Francesco Lojacono, the poetic atmospheric views of Antonio Fontanesi, the lagoon landscapes of Mosè Bianchi and Pietro Fragiacomo, the views of Venice by Guglielmo Ciardi, which evokes a quiet peace, with an almost nostalgic effect, these are just some of the proposals that accompany the visitor along an itinerary of 24 works from important Italian private collections. The study of light continues in Giuseppe De Nittis’ works with two paintings that highlight the originality of his studies in representing reality and immediately translating it. Snapshots that fixate a landscape made of tones and shades, in its changing and instantaneous appearance, actively participating in the ‘new look’ that opens the way to modernity. From the painting ‘Alba’ by Antonio Fontanesi, where the landscape almost becomes an evocative presence when we reach the end of the eighties with the birth of divisionism.
The exhibition continues with two canvases by Gaetano Previati, the most lyrical and visionary pointillistic painter who, through the disappearance of form, transforms the objective data and reaches a dream dimension. Among the works of the early twentieth century a bright garden by Angelo Morbelli, two views of the Dolomites by Cesare Maggi and Guido Cinotti, where the landscape actually becomes a pretext for the interpretation of light and its reflections.

An art expert for over thirty years and owner of the consulting firm Art Consulting, Marco Bertoli began his career in 1984 when, driven by a passion for art, he decided to open a gallery in Modena, his hometown. Over the years, the passion develops into knowledge and experience, not only for art history, but above all for the consulting and art consulting activity. He specializes in expertise in the field of expertise, hereditary divisions, cataloging and verification of the authenticity of works and possible archiving, advising on investments in the art market for the benefit of important private collectors, public bodies and banks. The privileged relationship with the major national and international auction houses allows him to help collectors invest and sell in other sectors related to luxury. Being able to combine the beauty of the works with the authenticity and uniqueness of each work is an integral part of his work, art advice. He currently lives between Modena and New York City.
He has been a consultant for Christie’s auction house in New York and London since 2005. He held the position of department manager for painting from the 19th and 20th centuries from 2006 to 2010 for the auction house Finarte and was a consultant for Gotha, Biennale di Parma, from 2006 to 2008. In 2009, Marco Bertoli opened a studio in New York, where from 2014 to 2017 he organized a series of exhibitions of Italian art, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, an institution that will curate the Italian light exhibition in July this year. Sky and waters. As part of his efforts to promote knowledge about art, in 2015 Bertoli, in collaboration with Oscar Farinetti, organized a project for the benefit of Italian artists in Eataly’s space. In July 2016, he obtained the Executive Master in Management of the Art of Cultural Heritage. Since 2019, he has collaborated with the editorial staff of Advisor Private magazine with articles on the market and investments in art. In 2020 she participated in an art psychology course with the art therapist Linda Rosaria Faggiano and since 2021 she has been a consultant for the Swiss group Veco Group, Multi Family Office with offices in Lugano, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Malta. In 2022, he opened a new space in Milan.

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