Like the right wing, they want to protect children from drag queens, but not weapons

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Two weeks after the Uvalde massacrewhere 19 children were shot and killed by a man in their elementary school, Republicans’ priorities are clear: the Texas congressman This was announced by Bryan Slaton on Twitter the intention to enact a law in the House that would ban children from attending drag queen shows. “A drag show is not a place for children. I would never take my children to a drag show, ”she wrote in the ad. The decision came after the controversy sparked by an event organized in Dallas called “Drag Your Kids to Pride,” a drag queen show designed for families in which multiple children participated along with drag. According to Slaton, it was a “scary” event, a symptom of a “disturbing way in which perverted adults are obsessed with the sexualization of young children.”

This is not the first time the connection between drag and childhood triggers controversy. Just a few days ago, a group of men from the far right “Proud Boys” raided a library in California to interrupt a drag queen reading of fairy tales for children. Some of them wore T-shirts that said “Kill pedophiles in your neighborhood.” The event was part of the “Drag Queen Story Hour” reading cycle, founded by a group of drag queens in 2015 in San Francisco, which aims to create a “diverse, accessible and culturally inclusive programming where children can express their authentic personalities and become shining light of change in their communities. ”Since then, Drag Queen Story Hour has been the subject of controversy and a boycott by conservatives who accuse drag queens of indoctrinating children or even being pedophiles in the hunt for victims.

Accusations of this type are not foreign even in our country: in March 2020, the center-right attacked a children’s reading event organized in a municipal library in Municipio VII in Rome with the presence of a social worker who also does drag shows with the artist name Cristina Prenestina. For the Lega is the municipality of Rome that sponsored the event[va] trying to indoctrinate our children “and wanted to suggest drag queens as a” life model “, rather than” examples of valuable and constructive life: our doctors, our firefighters, our police forces “. The event, also due to the proliferation of the first wave of Covid-19, was canceled.

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Drag queens are an easy target for homophobic propaganda. Their uniqueness to the heterosexual norm is actually impossible to hide, and their disguise embodies everything conservatives think is wrong with the LGBTQ + community. With their appearance pulling undermines gender norms and establish a world upside down where the definitions of “man” and “woman” become totally arbitrary. With their art, they make fun of what is considered normal and show that the genre is more performance and disguise than an unchanging biological rule. By creating the illusion of women, men and creatures beyond gender, they are lowering all our security. That’s what makes dragons so scary in the eyes of homophobes: they are not a reassuring and acceptable version of homosexuality or gender undermining. For them, the usual discourse of “everyone is free to do what he wants in bed as long as he does not interfere with me” applies, because through their body they embody the freedom that has not yet been accepted.

It is easy to blame drag queens and accuse them of indoctrinating children. But it does not occur to anyone that “gender propaganda” is carried out every day by the whole society, which arbitrarily states that boys should dress in one way and girls in another; that there are toys for boys and toys for girls, and woe to mix them; that if you were born with XX chromosomes, you can strive to perform certain tasks other than those you can perform if you were born with XY chromosomes. At events like “Drag Queen Story Hour” or the boycotted readings in Rome, we are not talking about gender or gender, but stories are being told where the princesses save themselves or the frogs do not turn into princes blue because there is none. there is nothing wrong with being frogs. Are these the real dangers children face? The risk of growing up with different imaginary?

It is really incomprehensible how promoting retrograde policies with the excuse of “protecting children” then he actually does nothing to protect them from the real risks they run, such as being killed on the way to school because an 18-year-old was able to buy a combat rifle the day he came of age. Two weeks after the Robb Elementary School massacre, the only proposal made by Republicans for the problem of mass shootings was to arm the teachers. Then we went back to the usual agenda: Take it out on minorities and invent invisible enemies. Thus, the affiliation of the National Rifle Association, the most powerful and richest American arms lobby, is also guaranteed for the next election.

Jennifer Guerra was born in 1995 in the province of Brescia and today lives in the province of Treviso. Professional journalist, his writings have appeared on L’Espresso, Sette, La Stampa And The vision, where she worked as an editor. For this magazine, she also curated the podcast AntiBodies with a feminist theme. She is interested in gender issues, feminism and LGBTQ + rights. For Edizioni Tlon he wrote The electric body. Desire in feminism to come (2020) and for Bompiani The loving capital. Manifesto of a political and revolutionary Eros (2021). She is a big fan of Ernest Hemingway.

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