Irpini routes, five municipalities online for culture: a rich program of events from June to December

Theater performances, concerts, cultural initiatives with the leading authors, visual arts, workshops. Alta Irpinia protagonist with five territorial realities together for a rich program of events. It is the project “Irpine routes between culture, history, theater and traditions”, with agreements between June and December 2022 in Sant’Andrea di Conza, Andretta, Lacedonia, Lioni and Morra De Sanctis.

The leading municipality is Sant’Andrea di Conza and the artistic director of the event will be Dario Vergassola. Comedian, writer, actor and songwriter, he had already been a guest on the Santandreana Theater Review. Today, he returns to Alta Irpinia to coordinate the numerous artists on stage. The intervention is co-financed by POC Campania 2014-2020: Urban renewal, tourism and cultural policies. Comprehensive program for cultural, naturalistic and enogastronomic tourist routes of national and international scope.

The itinerary of the five municipalities will primarily involve the younger generations, and it will be possible to meet the authors of the books, the Italian authors, the winners of national literal awards, as well as participate actively, as in Lacedonia photo competition and in “tasting” paths musically and literary by Morra De Sanctis.

The tour that the tourist intends to make will be enriched with exhibitions, historical parades, music concerts, guided tours and debates that complete the scenario of the Irpinia itinerary. As explained by Lion’s Deputy Mayor, Domenica Gallo: “The project was born with the aim of making well-known artistic and cultural travel plans unedited, taking into account each municipality’s specific characteristics, history, traditions, identity, which through a billboard of quality will determine manages to emerge.The choice is sustainable tourism, following an innovative line that is capable of opening up to diversified flows, not only speaking to the local context, but with the ambition of addressing an international level.

Alta Irpinia’s cultural vibrancy, which also reflects the future, with a geographical continuity and an intertwining of values: “This will not be an isolated road, we want to build a lasting system to make travel plans active in a broader perspective – continues Domenica Gallo – because ours is a province with great potential, which is expressed through folklore, religious rituals, but also with creativity and culture that creates moments of socialization and involvement.It will be our starting point, internal demand is already able to to take advantage of projects in the area that we need to work on is external attractiveness ».

Andretta. The program starts on June 21, 2022 with the Music Festival. In Andretta, on the Monte Airola stage, starting at 17.00, bands and soloists will alternate. August 10 theatrical performance by Ciro Giustiniani. August 13 Historical Parade, August 23 theater performance with Nello Iorio, from September 3 to 5 traveling concert Banda Città di Andretta.

Morra De Sanctis. From the last weekend in July, on all weekends in August until mid-September, the show “A Sentimental Journey to the Places of Francesco De Sanctis” is offered: a travel show in the historic center on the figure of politician and author Morrese, with guided tours tours and tastings.

Lacedonia. MAVI-Museo Antropologico Visivo Irpino at the center of the initiatives with the new layout: inauguration scheduled for 11 August. The documentary photo exhibition “1801 Passengers” and the laboratory “So Close So Far”, which will involve schools and SAI guests, are linked to MAVI. Two concerts; Power Drum Band on August 12, Luca Pugliese and Dario Salvatore on August 14.

Sant’Andrea di Conza. The theater revue returns in August: it turns 45 and has never stopped. The book festival instead blows out ten candles. The two peak summer events in Sant’Andrea di Conza therefore celebrate their historicity in an extremely appealing cultural event with the precious support of Dario Vergassola and Maurizio De Giovanni.

Lions. On August 15, a tribute to Adriano Celentano with Maurizio Schweizer’s “The King of the Ignorants”. On December 8, the entire program “Irpini Itineraries” closes, also in Lioni, with the traditional bonfires from “Riti di Fuoco”.

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