Interior: the enhancement of the environments also passes through the windows

Within an interior design project, a basic element is represented by selection of windows. In fact, this detail plays a significant role, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view.

The latest trend in furniture is represented by minimal stylewhich are rejected by means of linear, elegant, essential and extremely modern luminaires.

Among the most important features stand out frame thicknesswhich is as thin as possible so that it does not take up space and therefore does not draw a single beam of light from the surroundings.

However, much also depends on type of property as you face: new buildings that are not subject to special landscape obligations, provide greater freedom of intervention, on the contrary, if you restore a historic building, perhaps protected by the National Board of Art, or again, if you find yourself having to operate in a condominium context , the constraints to be respected are several.

To ensure that you install the most suitable windows for your living environment, it is important to trust reference reality in the sector. Among the leading companies in the design and production of high-end windows, for example, Carminati serramenti stands out, as from 1894 proposes innovative and design tailor-made solutions, which are characterized by the extreme elegance of the lines.

How to choose the ideal windows

There selection of windows it is fundamental to the aesthetic success of a project, but they also perform the important function of connecting inside and out, helping to maintain the ideal microclimate inside the home.

The first element to consider in the evaluation phase is stylistic typology of the product, which must be chosen mainly on the basis of the characteristics of the property and the presence of any regulatory restrictions. In the absence of the latter, it will be possible to continue to define the framework style to be used: super minimal and therefore almost invisible, more traditional, white or colored. The possibilities are many and must be weighed carefully.

There type of opening is another basic element: among the most common windows are undoubtedly the windows, that is, those that open from one side to 90 °. In any case, today it is possible to choose different solutions, able to get the most out of it any kind of project.

One category that has gained increasing success in recent years is that ofsliding openingable to affect less in terms of space and to allow a large internal brightness.

Windows and doors: here are the latest trends

The latest trends in doors and windows are rewarding aluminum structuresappreciated for their modern touch and their brightness, although in wood they are still the most popular for the more traditional creations.

In addition to the aesthetic result is the appearance of sustainability is at the heart of the interests of designers and owners as energy efficiency and savings become increasingly important. If it is well insulated, both from a thermal and acoustic point of view, the luminaires give a strength. financial savings from an energy consumption point of view as well as maximum confidentiality.

Another detail that can make the difference is handle, of course, to be chosen in a style that reflects the window. The geometric and essential shapes are more suitable for modern design products while those from particular formperhaps in light colors or formed by curved elements, they are ideal for completing the windows with a more traditional taste, often chosen in dark wood.

The handles have one wide range of finishesbut it is advisable together with the designer to assess the line that best suits the other components of the window.

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