Infrastructure and Mobility Decree, Mims: ok CdM, the measures

(Teleborsa) – Simplification and acceleration of the approval process for infrastructure and mobility works in connection with the anniversary of the Catholic Church in 2025 and for the adaptation of roads and services to welcome pilgrims and tourists; construction of additional berths to support cruise ship activities in Venice at the same time guaranteeing the protection of the lagoon’s ecosystem; intervention to make the planning of local and regional public transport services more efficient, improve road safety and facilitate the mobility of people with disabilities; simplification of procedures for approving dams construction projects and strengthening control structures; simplifications for approving airport development plans.

Are these some of the most important measures contained in the Legislative Decree approved by the Council of Ministers on a proposal from the Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility (Mims)Enrico Giovannini.

The Decree-Law – MIMS clarifies in a note – is in continuity with the corresponding provision from September 2021 (Legislative Decree no. 121, amended to Act no. 156/2021) and the other measures adopted in recent months with the aim of modern and interconnected, digitized, efficient and resilient national infrastructure system for climate crisis, as well as providing safer mobility services tailored to citizens’ needs.

This second legislative decree of less than a year dedicated to sustainable infrastructure and mobility represents a crucial contribution to improving public water, mobility and administrative services for citizens and businesses.increase transport safety (road, air, etc.), speed up administrative and approval procedures to make investments faster and more efficient, ”explains Minister Enrico Giovannini.

“I ccontinuity and synergy with the Nation Recovery and Resilience Plan and the sector plans prepared by the government, action is taken in the various sectors by adopting the systemic logic described in the latest annex, infrastructures and mobility to the economic and financial document 2022 , towards more sustainable economic, social and environmental development and the fight against climate change. Experimenting with new forms of sustainable urban mobility, strengthening the role of area mobility managers and local transport, increased traffic safety, subways and water systems they testify to the awareness of the quality of life of people, including those with disabilities. “

Among the initiatives, as mentioned, are e.g. Speed ​​up work for the 2025 anniversary and the road system in Rome – Specifically, “in the light of the anniversary of the Catholic Church in 2025, in order to ensure that the works and works that are functional in connection with the festivities are carried out according to schedule, the decree contains measures to speed up the procedures for assessing the impact on the environment. (EIA).), Analogous to what is already envisaged for the interventions included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) and the Supplementary National Plan (Pnc). The feasibility project (instead of within 60 days).

Interventions in Venice cruises and protection of the lagoon are also planned – In detail, “in order to increase the susceptibility of cruise ships from the 2022 season onwards, following the ban on the passage of large ships in the Giudecca Canal and the San Marco Basin (Legislative Decree 103 of 2021), additional temporary berths will be made, out over those already planned in Marghera (five in total, two of which are already available this year) .In particular, an additional temporary dock will be built in the port of Chioggia, while the ports of Monfalcone and Trieste will be affected by functional adaptation works. of the port “.

Highways – From 1 July to 31 December 2022, freezing tolls on the A24 and A25 motorways.

Increased road safety and mobility for people with disabilities – On the basis of the new rules in the Decree – Law, the holder must, in the case of renewal of a driving license which has expired for more than five years, pass a new practical driving test in order to determine the continued suitability to drive. , without maintaining the theory test again. In the event of non-participation in the practical test, the permit is revoked.

In order to facilitate the mobility of disabled people, it has also been established that electric cars for their use can circulate on cycle paths, as well as in pedestrian areas.

The decree also intervenes simplification regarding driving licenses, issuance of certificates and practices regarding recreational boating.

Increased security for local public transport – In order to strengthen the control of maintenance work, which operators of LPT services for fixed installations (eg subways) and regional railway services, companies operating these services and managing the associated infrastructures must send by September 30, 2022 (and subsequently on a monthly basis) the dates of the scheduled maintenance, as well as the dates of the scheduled maintenance activity. In the event of failure or delay in the execution of the notified maintenance interventions, the granting authority or entrust to the public transport service will perform the maintenance interventions to the detriment of the defaulting company, which will at the same time be subject to an administrative penalty of not less than 10,000 euros and not more than 500,000 euros. A mechanism is also envisaged which, until the planned maintenance interventions are carried out, as well as during their execution, in order to avoid interruptions or limitations in the provision of transport services, makes it possible to authorize the operation of the service by prescribing necessary remedial measures, as well as control methods and periodic security checks.

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