Generative design and additive manufacturing enhancements in PTC CAD

Published June 15, 2022

PTC presents Creo 9, the ninth version of its CAD platform which introduces several improvements to enable engineers to complete their projects in less time and take a further step towards innovation thanks to the use of the latest technologies, such as generative designthat real-time simulation andadditive manufacturing.
Therefore, several improvements have been introduced by Creo 9, including:

  • Ease of use and productivity. For the design environment, improvements have mainly focused on usability and productivity aspects. The improvements made relate tomodel wood, now faster for structure, documentation and the ability to understand the so-called design intent. In addition, a new function has been added, which makes it possible to separate surfaces for improve the analysis and definition of the product.
  • More powerful simulation and new opportunities Generative design. Ansys ‘advanced multiphysics is now available integrated into Creos’ simulation capabilities. The generative design features have also been expanded with the addition of some new capabilities that allow engineers to set product optimizations based on internal safety factors and natural frequency limits.
  • Improvements of Model-based definition (MDB) and details. Model-based design, which has always been subject to continuous improvement, especially with regard to surface treatment and weldingnow allows users to include specific information related to production processes directly in the model and thus improve efficiency and communication.
  • Ergonomic design And vision. The extension of the tools dedicated to ergonomics allows designers to analyze projects from the user’s point of view, to ensure that the products comply with the standards regarding occupational safety, health and hygiene. Uses the new functionality Field of view analysis it is possible to analyze the user’s individual point of view or refer to his actual field of view while using the equipment.
  • moving inAdditive and subtractive manufacturing. Creo 9 provides better control over stochastic and formula-based grid structures, as well as custom support structures for additive manufacturing. In terms of subtractive technology, the improvements concerned the generation of toolpaths for the operation of 5-axis finishingthat turndesigned by forme and adaptive feed rate associated with milling.

“Creo 9 is an important release in the development of which our customers’ feedback has played a significant role,” he says. Brian Thompson, Division Vice President and General Manager Creo at PTC -. For the benefit of our customers, we have made fundamental improvements, such as those involving surface separation and design intent. Our specific focus was on currently more advanced technologies that transform design, such as simulation, generative design and additive manufacturing. Finally, we have improved the functionality of Creo also from a point of viewergonomics. Thanks to all these improvements, designers are now able to manage the design of their products faster and with more advanced tools, which allow them to further reduce time-to-market ”.

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