Excluded from regional support for the new school

Biassono excluded from regional funding for the construction of the new school in via Locatelli.

No regional support for the new school

By Decree No. 8260 of 13 June 2022 (published in the Official Bulletin of Lombardy on 14 June), the results of the study and evaluation were approved and the projects included in the ranking of the “Place for School” call were identified. The call includes a specific program of interventions to promote the construction of new school buildings owned by local authorities, through innovative projects with integration between design and teaching, openness to the area, sustainability. The project for the new school in Biassono was not admitted on the following grounds: “From the technical assessment study according to point C.3.b of the call, it is noted that the place where the school’s subject of the proposed intervention is not fully accessible to the unit as provided for in point A.1 of the Communication “.

Deputy Mayor Donato Cesana’s apology

“We know that by participating in tenders you sometimes win and sometimes you lose, but we have done everything they asked of us – commented the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Public Works. Donato Cesana “That’s why we’re considering getting a lawyer to read the notice, and we do not rule out a complaint because we want to understand, as we have done things well.” Regarding the construction project of the new school “it would have been easier, if we had had the funding – emphasizes the deputy mayor – but in any case, as said several times also in the city council, it remains the will of this municipal administration to have only one school complex for primary schools in via Locatelli, where we have already started the procedures for buying the land , as also specified in participation in the call. We want to build the school. We may want to move forward by holding an idea competition or participating in another call, which we hope Lombardy can refinance. Of course, the process will take a little longer, but we are at the window. “

The comment from “Biassono nel cuore”

After hearing the news of the lack of funding from the Lombardy region for the construction of the new school, the exponents of the opposition’s citizen list “Biassono nel cuore” commented: “We learn in these minutes that Biassono has not been admitted to the funding for the construction of the new school.In addition, only 9 of the 50 municipalities included in the ranking can access the funds, and Biassono has not received it in any way.We now ask ourselves how the citizens will be able to cope in terms of declarations issued by the city council, for such a large expense. As “Biassono nel cuore” we had a clear, declared and above all zero-impact project for the citizens “.

The Communication of the Lombardy Region

New schools with innovative learning spaces, flexible in use and over time, adapted to new teaching methods and the needs of teachers and students: schools that are safe, certified, connected, sustainable and also open to civic use. To facilitate their implementation, the Lombardy region has launched the “Space for School” call, one of the two measures concerning school buildings contained in the resolution approved by the Regional Council on 15 December 2021 on a proposal from the Councilor concerning. Education, University, Research, Innovation and Simplification, Fabrizio Sala.

From primary school to high school

The “Spazio alla Scuola” call represents the first line of intervention for school construction. With a financial grant of 60 million euros from 2022 to 2026, the call is aimed at municipalities that intend to implement innovative projects in primary school: exemplary projects that integrate planning and teaching, openness to the territory and sustainability. Municipalities will be able to receive a grant, up to a maximum of 100% of the project cost, in relation to school form and number of classes involved in the project.

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